Netflix Just Made A Subtle Change You'll Notice On Its Original Content Starting Today

Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

Logging onto Netflix to sit back, relax, and watch a show is pretty much an auto-pilot habit for most of us by now. If you're a longtime Netflix user, you've probably been there for the old days when Netflix's primary focus was the distribution of DVDs through the mail, and seen the newest updates like the platform's first interactive film for adults (Black Mirror's Bandersnatch). With a slew of hit Original series and movies that have blown up social media, Netflix has been gaining major influence in recent years. Now, they're debuting a super cool new Netflix logo animation that'll spice up your streaming experience even more.

Starting today, when you hop on Netflix to watch any of the platform's original shows, you'll be welcomed with the new logo. This kind of animation is known as an ident in the design world, and will introduce each and every one of Netflix's original titles at the beginning of new episodes. You'll hear the familiar Netflix sound that all original series already include along with the revamped animation that the company just debuted. In a press release, Netflix described the update as a "brand new look and feel that reflects who we are today."

Here's a sneak peek:

The old animation graphic — the one against the nostalgic silvery screen with the red logo standing out — is the one that, up until now, we all knew, loved, and associated especially with beloved Netflix streaming experiences. Netflix knows that, and specifically addressed why they decided to shake things up a little bit in the new year: "Simply put, we’ve evolved, and wanted to update this signature brand moment to reflect the many choices our fans enjoy today." It's a good point: Netflix is so much vaster than it was even a few years ago (to put it in perspective, Stranger Things didn't even exist until mid 2016).

According to Netflix, the original animation logo was officially debuted just five years ago (also around the time when Netflix first started making their original series). "We were available in only a handful of countries then. Today, our shows, films and specials span across genres and cultures. Our members from around the world watch them in English, Thai, Italian, Spanish and more," the company said. Times, are a-changing, people — and Netflix wants to continue to change with them.

When creating the recently released graphics, Netflix had the growing diversity and variety of their content in mind. The wide array of colors is meant to act as a symbol for "the spectrum of stories, emotions, languages, fans and creators" at the company and the cinematic experiences that they produce. It's designed to help viewers get fully immersed in whatever they're about to view: almost like the intro animations you see on the big screen when you go to the movies. Getting a cinema-like experience when your watching on your phone screen in a busy room is pretty much the gold standard.

Next time you're watching a Netflix original series, you'll be able to enjoy this update as a little preamble to your choice entertainment.