Taylor Swift Fans Are Crushed That She Wasn't In This 'SNL' Sketch

by Nicole Pomarico
Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

After a year of Taylor Swift missing on social media (and in public life in general), it's good to have her back. When she kicked off the Reputation era performing on Saturday Night Live — including an acoustic version of "Call It What You Want" — she totally killed it, but something was missing from her appearance on the show. Unfortunately, Swift didn't do any SNL sketches during the episode, and it's definitely going down as a major missed opportunity.

Of course, that's not to say that she didn't totally bring it as the musical guest. Between "...Ready For It" and "Call It What You Want," Swift really showed her range, first with a highly choreographed, edgier performance followed by a stripped down one when she kept it super chill, playing the guitar while sitting on a stool. There was a lot to love about both times she took the stage, and while she disappeared for awhile, her talent obviously didn't.

But per SNL tradition, many musical guests do appear in a skit or two, usually when you least expect them, but not Swift. And what makes it even worse? There were a few times she would have fit in perfectly with what the show already had planned.

First example: The skit about the Lion King screen tests from various celebrities who tried to join the star-studded cast. It would have been so easy for Swift to make a quick cameo, auditioning as herself. There's so much potential for comedy there, especially when you take into account how very much she's enjoyed mocking herself and the criticism she's gotten lately.

And we can't forget the last skit of the night — aka the one that seemed so made for Swift that it's hard to believe she wasn't actually in it. Come on, a kitten adoption infomercial and Swift was in the building and they didn't even use her for it? What a letdown.

Fans are definitely upset that Swift didn't appear in any of these (especially where the cats are involved) and after the episode ended and it was clear there was no chance she'd pop up, they took to Twitter to express their disappointment.

So true. Honestly, anything involving cats is where Swift truly shines, and in videos she's shared on Instagram this week, she's confirmed that she has had both of her own cats, Meredith and Olivia, in New York with her while she rehearses for SNL. Despite all the real cats involved in that cat skit, neither of them could even play homeless cats themselves?

It's not like Swift can't do comedy, either. If you followed her on social media before the great wipeout of '17, you know that she's naturally funny, and when she's hosted SNL in the past, she killed it. Who could forget her monologue song where she directly called out her ex boyfriends by name? Obviously, it's different when a performer is on the show as a musical guest, but still. Her talent should have been put to work. Swift has been going on and on about how much she adores host Tiffany Haddish this week in her Instagram stories, so it would have been really fun to see them in action together.

There's no real answer to why Swift wasn't in any of the skits, but fans should keep their fingers crossed that she'll make a return as host again. After all, it's been eight years since she last took over SNL's hosting duties, so she's definitely due for a second round. And in the meantime? Well, that "Call It What You Want To" performance was still pretty epic.