Twitter Is FURIOUS That Will Ferrell Didn't Do This Classic 'SNL' Sketch

Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

When fans heard that Will Ferrell would be returning to host Saturday Night Live on Saturday, Jan. 27, expectations ran high for the actor to reprise some of his best known characters. Fans on Twitter are so, so disappointed and are wondering why Will Ferrell didn't do Celebrity Jeopardy on SNL. The episode began with a cold open sketch with Ferrell reprising his legendary impression of former President George W. Bush and Ferrell brought back his loud-talking professor, Jacob Silj, during "Weekend Update," but that was it. The rest of the show featured new characters portrayed by Ferrell — meaning, he did not step back into Alex Trebek's shoes.

Celebrity Jeopardy was one of Ferrell and Darrell Hammond's signature recurring sketches that were consistently hilarious. In the sketches, Hammond would play a spot-on Sean Connery, who sparred with Ferrell's Trebek. Countless classic lines emerged from those Celebrity Jeopardy sketches, including Connery's NSFW misreadings of the categories, and the trademark line from Hammond's Connery: "Suck it, Trebek." Other cast members and guests would take on other celebrities during the sketch, but the focus remained on the tension between Connery and Trebek.

Fans speculated throughout the night that of Ferrell's many classic sketches, Celebriry Jeopardy would be the one to get a revival, because Hammond is currently SNL's announcer and could reprise his role as Connery. After all, Farrell did reprise his role as Trebek and brought back Celebrity Jeopardy when he hosted the show in 2009.

Unfortunately, that's not what happened. The episode ended without Celebrity Jeopardy and it left so many fans (including myself) very, very disappointed that they didn't get to see one more sparring session between Ferrell's Trebek and Hammond's Connery. After all, the last time these two former SNL cast members reunited for Celebrity Jeopardy was in 2015, during SNL's 40th anniversary special. It was easily one of the best sketches of the night.

Fans were vocal about how upset they were about the absence of Celebrity Jeopardy on Twitter.

Some Fans Had So Much Hope

It seemed like it could be total possibility...until it wasn't and the episode ended without Celebrity Jeopardy.

Many Viewers Wanted Answers For The Lack Of Celebrity Jeopardy

It's currently unknown why Ferrell and Hammond didn't re-team for another edition of Celebrity Jeopardy, but many fans are definitely asking the big question.

A Few Fans Tried To Come Up With Answers

Even though we don't know why there was no Celebrity Jeopardy, some fans theorized why the sketch was missing.

One Fan Wondered About Celebrity Jeopardy In Spanish

The love of Celebrity Jeopardy transcends language.

Some Fans Even Thought Up The Hypothetical Jeopardy Lineup

It could have been an instant classic to add to a collection of other hilarious Celebrity Jeopardy sketches.

Many Viewers Expressed Disappointment

Once the last sketch aired, fans knew that the possibility for Celebrity Jeopardy just vanished.

Many Fans Were Just Plain Upset

They wanted their Celebrity Jeopardy laughs and didn't get them — you'd be upset, too.

Some Fans Were So Sad About It

It's so sad to think of what could have been — so many laughs, so much hilarious banter between Connery and Trebek — but sadly, this episode did not have it.

Whether you're feeling disappointed, sad, or upset, don't worry — there are so many old Celebrity Jeopardy sketches available on the internet. Like this one from 2000, which also included Jimmy Fallon as Robin Williams and Lucy Liu as Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Viewers may not have been treated to a 2018 edition of Celebrity Jeopardy, but we'll always have the Trebek and Connery barbs of yesteryear.