The Real Reason Why Your Hairstyle Always Falls Out May Not Be Your Fault At All

Hairdresser combing her long, red hair of his client in the beauty salon. Professional hair care and...

If you're anything like me, you'll find it near impossible to keep your hairstyle in all day. I am forever envious of people with incredible hair looks that seem last for hours on end. So, in an effort to find out why my hairstyle always falls out, I spoke to a hair expert to find out more.

Mario Charalambous, Technical Director at Richard Ward and brand ambassador for Braliz, a formaldehyde-free professional Brazilian Blow Dry treatment, explains that there some specific factors that determine whether your hair will maintain its styling.

The first, which is perhaps the most obvious, is the type of hair you actually have, and the genetics that make up your hair. "Genetic factors play a major role in determining your hair texture and shape," Charalambous explains. "The shape of your hair follicles — the part of the skin that the hair grows from — determines whether your hair is curly, straight, or wavy, and the direction in which it grows."

Speaking about why this affects styling, Charalambous says: "You can often see the effects of these factors when you are trying to change the way your hair parts or when trying to maintain the opposite style to your natural hair. Your hair ‘remembers’ its natural state and will try to return to it. Straight hair comes from a rounded follicle whilst an oval shaped follicle will give wavy hair and elliptical shaped follicles creates curls."


Another big factor, Charalambous explains, is whether the hair has been over-styled or not. "Some people with curly or wavy hair find themselves constantly straightening their locks to make it more ‘manageable’ but exposing the hair shaft to excess heat a regular basis is only going to cause more long-term damage," he says. "Finding the right treatments, products and even the most manageable cut for your hair is super important to achieve and maintain healthier hair." For those with frizzy or wavy hair who are looking to have it smoothed out, Charalambous suggests Braliz, as it "will help to straighten hair and repair it from the inside."

And the final factor, as you may have guessed, is climate. While we all know humid climates can cause frizz (Monica, I'm looking at you), there are other weather types that can have an effect on your hair.

"Windy and cold weather can impart a drying effect on your hair by increasing the rate in which moisture evaporates, just the same as heat can," says Charalambous. "The cold in turn will seal your cuticles making it harder for moisture to penetrate the surface."

So the big question is, how can we actually maintain our styles for longer? Well, as someone who finds it tricky to make a look last, I've tried all the tricks in the book. Here are the four that have worked best for me:


1. Try a 'memory spray': Given the news that hair 'remembers' its natural state, it makes sense to use a spray that encourages the hair to remember the style you want it to remember. Ouai's Memory Mist uses advanced memory polymer technology in order to maintain your chosen hairstyle. All you need to do is spray it prior to drying your hair in order to lock in the product, then style your hair however you wish.

2. Use silk hair accessories: It may sound insanely boujee, but I have found that using silk hair wraps and hair bands can help to maintain my hairstyle when sleeping and while I wash my face in the evening etc. Silk helps to keep hair smooth and allows you to avoid frizz at all costs.

3. Don't over-wash your hair: If you have fine or frizz-prone hair like mine, it's best to go a few days in-between washes. When I wash my hair too often, it can be almost too soft and struggles to hold any style. Hair with a bit of 'grit' can aid in longevity. Failing that, invest in some IGK Down & Out Dirty Spray, which will bring the grit for you.

4. Apply a little product before styling: While the most common way to use product such as hairspray is to apply it to a finished style, I have found that lightly spritzing before using curlers or straighteners locks in a style for longer, without looking crispy.