Dorinda Needs Her Own 'RHONY' Spinoff ASAP

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After the best season ever last year, Real Housewives of New York City is really lagging this time around. But one bright light is Dorinda Medley. She is the only one who is consistently coming through and entertaining the viewers. That's why it makes perfect sense to ditch the others and give Dorinda Medley her own TV show.

Obviously, (most of) the other Housewives are great, but Dorinda is just really killing it in every way possible. A series focused on her life is what the fandom really needs, especially during such a lackluster RHONY season. Fans need more Dorinda and they need her now.

Unlike a lot of people who had a tough time adjusting to the show, Dorinda was the perfect addition to Real Housewives of New York City as soon as she walked through the door. In the best way possible, she didn't fit the mold, but she truly stood out and has continued to do so episode after episode while she spews out iconic one-liners.

Dorinda has become the most amusing star of RHONY, so it really makes sense that she should just get her own show at this point. Here are a few reasons why a Dorinda-focused spinoff show is something that absolutely needs to happen.

1. She Has The Best Quotes

Pretty much everything Dorinda says is worth emblazoning on a mug or T-shirt (which is something she's already started doing). Fans are so ready for the next "Clip! Clip! Clip!" or another epic toast like the one she dedicated "to the friends who weren't invited." A show that centers around her is bound to have endless quotable moments.

2. She Wears The Most Original Outfits

Even without saying a word, Dorinda is entertaining. She has the best, most outrageous outfits. She has no fear when it comes to fashion.

3. She Is Friends With Other Bravo Stars

Clearly, Dorinda is not into the drama on RHONY. For her, it might be a more enjoyable show to hang out with her Bravolebrity pals like Teresa Giudice, Jeff Lewis, Kandi Burruss, Melissa Gorga, and Marysol Patton.

4. We Could Get To Know Her Daughter Better

It makes total sense for Dorinda's daughter, Hannah, to stay away from the Housewives drama, but she would probably appear more often if Dorinda had her own show without the other craziness.

5. She Is The Most Fun At Every Party

Who wouldn't want to party with Dorinda? She's always turning up, dancing up a storm, and prioritizing the fun over the drama. This is something that the fandom needs more of.

6. She & John Have An Interesting Relationship

Dorinda and John Mahdessian have strong chemistry, and it would be nice to see them thriving in the absence from the Housewives, who are always questioning their relationship. Plus, John has a big personality and could bring a lot to this new show.

7. She Has The Best Life

Dorinda really has it all, and she actually appreciates it because of her vast life experience. A show about Dorinda's pre-Housewives life alone would be entertaining since she's been through so much. She is a widow, she's lived in London, she's a mom, she has fabulous friends. The list goes on and on.

8. She Makes It Nice

Enough said.

The Dorinda Medley spinoff needs to happen and it needs to happen ASAP.