Why Eric's Dating History Shouldn't Matter On 'The Bachelorette'

by Jordan Lauf
Randy Sager/ABC

There are a lot of things that qualify as red flags in the world of The Bachelorette. If a guy doesn't seem like he's ready to propose, that's a no-no. If a contestant doesn't seem willing to open up, it might be time to send him home. And this season, Rachel is nervous that Bachelorette contestant Eric has never been in love. I, and the hosts of Bustle's Will You Accept This Podcast?, think that this fear is unwarranted.

After all, just because Eric has never been in love before doesn't mean that he can't be in love now. That's like saying just because you'd never had a taco before, you can't eat one and like them now. OK, maybe it's not exactly the same thing, but you get my point.

In fact, Eric's admission shows a level of emotional maturity. Rather than pretending that some long ago fling was his first experience with true love, or trying to convince himself he had once been in love when he really hadn't, Eric is wise enough to know that he has never found what he's looking for. That is, until Rachel, of course. It demonstrates that Eric isn't looking to settle or fake his emotions.

If Rachel has strong feelings for Eric, then she shouldn't let her worries about his dating history cloud her decision making. Plenty of people get married to their first love, and that could be the case for Eric, too.

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