Why Is Big Boo Wearing A Suit In The 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 5 Trailer? She Looks Much More Professional Than Prisoner


The women of Litchfield are rising up. After the heartbreaking loss of Poussey, it's time for some much needed unity among the inmates, who all appear to take on new roles to fight the injustice and abuse they've received. The latest trailer for Season 5 of Orange Is The New Black shows Big Boo wearing a suit. The sarcastic character, played by Lea DeLaria, confidently tells Pennsatucky, "We're gonna give them a show," while sporting a navy blue blazer accented with a polka dot tie. This begs the question, why is Big Boo out of uniform in the first place?

From the looks of the 2-minute trailer, the fed up prisoners are demanding media attention. The racial tensions, religious differences, and sexuality and gender issues that divide the inmates are temporarily tabled as they slowly realize they are more powerful as a united front. As one of the most outspoken and unafraid women in Litchfield, Big Boo could serve as the spokesperson for her fellow inmates. Then again, with Poussey’s death being the impetus for the rebellion, perhaps that role would be better off in her BFF Taystee’s hands.

However, since Big Boo was Pennsatucky’s biggest supporter after she was raped by Officer Coates, there’s a chance she will speak out on her friend’s behalf. The two prison buddies are seen hugging it out later on in the trailer, much to Big Boo’s chagrin as she only pats her on the back. There could be a chance that Big Boo serves as legal counsel for herself and the other inmates.

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The last shot of Big Boo wearing the suit shows her proudly strolling through the cafeteria with her head held high. Her blazer also has an American flag pin on the lapel. She looks like she either just won a court case or was appointed Mayor of Litchfield.

But, Big Boo isn’t the only one I caught out of her prison garb. Black Cindy is also seen sporting a correctional officer’s uniform during the hostile takeover. Meanwhile, Crazy Eyes is spotted wearing a shiny green and white bomber jacket. There’s only a month left until audiences get all the answers about OITNB. It looks like audiences are for sure in for one heck of season.