Why ColourPop's Super Shock Bronzers Are Leaving

by Kali Borovic

This brand is making some big changes to their site, and it benefits you in more ways than one. According to their Instagram, ColourPop is discontinuing their Super Shock Bronzers. Don't worry, though, makeup lovers — the brand is replacing the products with something just as exciting. Pressed Powder Bronzers are on the way, so get those wallets ready.

In case you missed their social media announcement, ColourPop is having a Last Call Sale right now. They're getting rid of 101 products, and giving you 20 percent off on these items while they're still in stock. It's all first come, first serve though. You might have noticed that their Super Shock Bronzers are all up for grabs as a part of the sale. Well, that's because Pressed Powder Bronzers are coming in their place.

According to ColourPop's Instagram, the Pressed Powder Bronzers will be available on Feb. 3. That's not too much longer to wait, people! The Super Shock Shadows are more of a mousse, while the new formula is like your typical powder product. All good things must come to an end, but who knows, you might even end up loving the new formula more. If not, at least there's time to stock up on your favorites before they're gone for good!

There are also a lot of Super Shock Shadows up for grabs as well. This is most likely because they're making room for new colors and pressed powders as well. There's no word on whether they're discontinuing the shadow formula, but it seems to be safe for now. I'd head over to the site and stock up on the discontinued shades at 20 percent off while you still can.

Although they haven't announced the price of the new products yet, I'm willing to bet they'll still be just as affordable. The brand is known for their $5 to $6 price range. The Pressed Shadows that they just launched were the same price as the Super Shock Shadows, so that's a great sign that the Pressed Powder Bronzers will be the same.

So what are you waiting for? Go stock up on these bronzers before they leave for good!