Why Isn't Justin Bieber At The 2017 Billboard Music Awards? He's Got A Solid Excuse

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even though Justin Bieber is nominated for four Billboard Music Awards, the singer is nowhere to be found at the event on May 21. So, why isn't Justin Bieber at the 2017 BBMAs? According to his Instagram account, the singer recently got diagnosed with conjunctivitis, aka "pink eye," on Saturday. The Biebs posted five snaps of his swollen left eye to Instagram, explaining the situation to his fans: "My left eye has conjunctivitis."

According to WebMD, conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is thin clear tissue that lies on the white part of the human eye, and treatment of the condition varies. Even so, it looks like Biebs will be sitting out of this year's BBMAs as his eye heals.

But that hasn't stopped the singer from posting multiple photos to give his fans an eyeful of his left eye and what it looks like in comparison to his healthy right one. Bieber's five consecutive conjunctivitis IG selfies seem to be taken in a car at varying lengths away, telling fans that he indeed has pink eye and indicating which photos showcase it better than others. It's quite an eye-opening journey.

Let's start with the first snap, in which Bieber has a neutral expression. The caption: "My left eye has conjunctivitis."

The next photo only showcases the singer's eyes, with an identical caption, "My left eye has conjunctivitis."

Just in case you were confused about which of his eyes is currently inflamed, Bieber clarifies it in his next snap. "This eye has conjunctivitis," he writes in the caption of a close-up image of his left eye.

Bieber's next photo (yes, there's more) shows how swollen the left eye is next to his right eye. "You can see it better here," he wrote in the caption.

In his final snap in this eagle eye series, it's a close-up photo of his inflamed left eye with a simple caption that says it all: "Conjunctivitis."

So for now, Bieber is probably recovering from conjunctivitis and will be back to performing in no time. Eye promise.