Lorde Didn't Sing At The VMAs, But She Still Put On An Amazing Performance Somehow

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Considering how incredible Lorde's second album, Melodrama, is, her performance was highly anticipated at Sunday night's 2017 VMAs. But after seeing her take the stage, some fans are a little confused... mostly because when an artist like Lorde is supposed to perform, you expect her to actually be singing her music. So why isn't Lorde singing at the 2017 VMAs? She had the best reason of them all: She's really, really sick.

It was a bit puzzling when Lorde started dancing to her song, "Homemade Dynamite," without performing it herself. And rather than lip sync or even hold a microphone to make it seem like she was singing, she just followed her choreography — respectable, since she totally could have just moved her lips to a backing track. Shortly before the awards started, Lorde tweeted that despite how killer she looked on the red carpet, she's actually got the flu — so bad she's been on an IV when she isn't on stage.

It seems like rather than skipping out on the show entirely and disappointing her fans, this was her next best option, and you have to admit that even without singing, she was still pretty magical on stage.

Since it's impressive enough that Lorde showed up to an awards show while sick, let alone got onstage and performed at all, she definitely gets a pass for skipping on the singing this time. Plus, it's probably not advisable for her to sing with the flu (not to mention painful), especially if her throat hurts. Poor thing. If not for her change in performance, no one would have any clue that she wasn't feeling well. Not easy to pull off when you're on the edge of death.

Hopefully, Lorde is able to snuggle up in bed and drink plenty of tea when she's done at the VMAs. Flu or not, she looked amazing — and she seriously didn't let her fans down for a second.