Sophie Turner Is Too Busy To Be At The 2017 Emmys

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Game of Thrones fans hoping to catch a glimpse of Sansa on the 2017 Emmys red carpet might be very disappointed. The actress has yet to appear at the awards show, but if Turner does end up being MIA, fans should take comfort in knowing why Sophie Turner isn't at the Emmys. Based on some Instagram sleuthing, it looks like Turner might be too busy being an X-Men to attend the awards show, especially considering the fact that her HBO hit, GoT, isn't up for any awards this year.

Turner has been a staple of the Emmys red carpet for years, but just as Sansa has expanded her world beyond King's Landing over the years, the actor has taken on projects outside of GoT. Turner currently is reprising the role of Jean Grey in X-Men: Dark Phoenix after making her superhero debut in X-Men: Apocalypse (2016). This time around, Turner is very much the star of the film, which will focus on Jean as her powers grow and slowly corrupt her into Dark Phoenix. And it looks like the duties of being a leading lady have taken Turner to Montreal, where the film is filming. The actor has posted a few new pictures to Instagram, showing her hanging out with co-stars, including Alexandra Shipp (Storm).

Turner's most recent post was uploaded 18 hours ago — a portrait taken by Shipp, suggesting the actor was in Montreal recently. However, this could be a misdirect. After all, planes are meant to be flown, and can easily take one from Montreal all the way to Los Angeles.

Just because Turner might be spending Emmys night on set in Montreal doesn't mean she still won't spend the evening surrounded by glamorous celebs. The X-Men: Dark Phoenix cast includes Jessica Chastain, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Tye Sheridan, and Evan Peters, to name a few. (And you thought the Emmys were star-studded!)

Before you start worrying that this summer has been all work and no play for Turner, the actor hasn't spent the entire season working. Just a few days before she was spotted back in Montreal, Turner was photographed shopping in New York City with her boyfriend, Joe Jonas. She was also photographed out and about with her new puppy, Porky Basquiat, recently adopted by the couple.

It makes sense for Turner to skip the Emmys this year. Not only is she busy starring in a huge Hollywood blockbuster, she also doesn't have a huge professional obligation to be there to represent her HBO show. Game of Thrones was ineligible for the 2017 Emmy Awards, as a majority of the series' seventh season had not aired before May 31. With no nominations, and no new season to promote — the show just wrapped up its most recent season and won't return with new episodes until 2018 at the earliest — the GoT cast didn't really need to walk the red carpet this year. Granted, if Turner or any of her GoT siblings or co-stars were to appear at the 2017 Emmys, they wouldn't be turned away. Fans on Twitter have actually been sharing their love for Turner, despite her absence.

It's a shame that Turner, a red carpet pro, won't be at the 2017 Emmys. Not only does it deny us of a chance to fawn over her impeccable fashion sense, it also means reporters can't ask the actor for some new Game of Thrones spoilers. Regardless of spoilers, however, something tells me Season 8 is going to be a big season for Sansa Stark. I'd be shocked if we didn't see Turner make a triumphant Emmys return in 2018.