Why 'Doctor Who' Fans Might Be Waiting Till Christmas 2020 For A Festive Special

by Aoife Hanna
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Doctor Who / BBC One

Every year certain Christmas specials are an integral part of the Christmas season. Some, bigger than others. In the last decade it's all been about the Doctor so I'm kind of wondering, why isn't there a Doctor Who Christmas special on BBC One this year?

According to the Radio Times they're just leaving it this year and kicking off season 12 in style on New Years Day, just as they did last year.

But fans can look forward to some sort of a special in 2020. Although they've not been specific about what kind of a seasonal special. The Radio Times reports that series showrunner Chris Chibnall spoke about the upcoming season in a press event, revealing: "you will get a special — at the end of the series, yes." I mean, am I the only person who fancies a Halloween special? Nerdgasm.

Season 12 is hotly anticipated following the rip-roaring success of Season 11 which had a female Doctor for the first time ever. British actor Jodie Whittaker took over the mantle and proved to be not only favoured by the critics, but the fans too. As a matter of fact according to Variety, the premiere of season 11 pulled the greatest viewing figures for the sci-fi show in a decade.

As ever, the show is bringing the star power, with icons of British comedy Stephen Fry and Lenny Henry starring in the first episode. Titled Spyfall, it's "a blockbuster action packed two-part episode", according to the BBC. The series premiere will be split into two episodes but fans will be relieved to know that the second part will air less than a week after the first, on Sunday Jan 5.

Doctor Who/BBC

Although not so much is known about the exact storyline, according to the BBC, "the Thirteenth Doctor is well and truly back with a bang."

Hello, perfect hangover viewing, am I right?

Watch Doctor Who on 6.55p.m, New Year's Day on BBC One.

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