Why Jon Snow From 'Game Of Thrones' Is Actually The Worst

Macall B. Polay/courtesy of HBO

Let me start this off by admitting right off the bat that I'm a typically a big supporter of Jon Snow and Kit Harington in general. When the King in the North came back from the dead and let out that gasp of air (as we all knew he would), I screamed at my television in delight right along with the rest of the world. However, that doesn't mean that this Westeros hero is without any faults. In fact, if you go back and rewatch the series, like I have done on numerous occasions, you'll start to realize that Jon Snow on Game of Thrones can be the actual worst sometimes.

Sure, he was treated poorly by Catelyn Stark, who thought he was the product of an affair her husband Ned had during Robert's Rebellion. (We now know that Jon's heritage is a little more complicated than that.) And yes, he has a type of thick, dark hair I just want to run my fingers through while lying in front of a roaring Winterfell fire. That being said, I simply cannot condone some of his actions and it's high time that he was called out for them. Because while Jon Snow may appear to know nothing, there are a few things he should be made aware of before the series heads into its eighth and final season.

For starters, it's always been my opinion that Jon has a bit of a Captain America complex. He has a tendency to think that he's the only one who can be a hero or die for a cause, whether that involves guarding the Wall or fighting White Walkers. That's not to say that Jon doesn't surround himself with other courageous and admirable people, because he does. Daenerys' title alone is intimidating and Ygritte was a true force to be reckoned with, proving herself to be tougher than other of her fellow Wildlings. Yet when Sansa offered Jon counsel on how to best defeat Ramsey Bolton back in Season 6, he ignored her, thinking that he knew best, even though she was the one who had spent the most time with him and knew how his mind worked. In fact, if it wasn't for Sansa going against Jon's wishes, they probably all would've died in "The Battle of the Bastards."

Whether he's underestimating those around him or simply wants to be the one to make the sacrifice himself, it sometimes feels like he wants all the glory, even if his intentions are purer than that. The message that comes across is that no one else has the right to die for those they love other than him. It has yet to happen, but there's no doubt in my mind that if Arya were to try and battle someone, Jon would try to stop her, even if her skills exceeded his.

Sure, he was the one who originally gave Arya her sword, Needle, in the first place. But that was when he figured the most fighting she'd be doing would be with a trainer. I have a hard time believing he'd accept her as an equal out on any battlefield.

Speaking of siblings, Jon has always had a blind spot when it comes to the members of his family. In fact, he attempted to abandon the Night's Watch in order to join Robb on his quest for the Iron Throne. Once again, his intentions were good. He wanted to help his brother, which is commendable, but he had just taken his oath to serve the Watch above everything else. He was so ready to abandon his post that it definitely rubbed me the wrong way. Jon leads with his heart rather than his head, which can be endearing occasionally — but if done often enough, it can also be extremely annoying.

That being said, I think it was ultimately Jon's latest move that really solidified the less than admirable feelings I've been having towards him as of late. I'm referring to when he figuratively bent the knee to Daenerys Targaryen without so much as consulting with Sansa about it. She is the Lady of Winterfell, after all, and deserved the right to be part of such a major decision. Perhaps he felt she wouldn't understand where he was coming from, considering it took him meeting Dany in person to see that she'd be a wise and noble leader of the seven kingdoms. But even so, that doesn't give Jon the right to unilaterally decide anything on behalf of his family. He should've let Sansa meet Dany before reaching a conclusion.

Look, I get it. Jon Snow is a big deal on this show and beloved by many. Sometimes even I can't help but be swayed by his charms and well-intentioned demeanor. But that doesn't earn him a get out of jail free card. He needs to own up to his mistakes and — better yet — learn from them before his watch really does come to an end.