Jupiter Retrograde Is Here & It's A Time For Major Confrontation

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When we're faced with the term 'retrograde' an anxiety washes over us. We prepare our spiritual go bags with chocolate bars for the rough days ahead. While all retrogrades bring up the past, not all retrogrades are periods of distress and miscommunication. Cough — Mercury — cough. These Jupiter retrograde astrology predictions prove that. Even if some tough times are ahead — that's just life, right? — it's all for the benefit of your own personal development.

Cafe Astrology describes the astrological meaning of Jupiter, saying, "Jupiter has generally been associated with good luck and bounty. Optimism and growth (including mental and spiritual growth) come under its rule." When the planet goes into retrograde we could be faced with obstacles. And the kind of reflections you get in harsh lighting. Have you been treating yourself well? Or have you been pushing off that thing you should really do? I know I have. (Apologies to my doctor's office for cancelling my fourth appointment!) Astrologically speaking, this is the time to ... not do that. Jupiter in retrograde is the time to take accountability for some not so nice features, work on them and come out of this transit a stronger person.

So when is this whole thing going down? It already is. Jupiter went retrograde on Mar. 8 and will be in this transit until Jul. 10. Dark Pixie Astrology prepares us, "When Jupiter is retrograde, the time for pursuing opportunities may slow, and we can feel frustrated sometimes at the lack of them, but we can work on being more reflective, and using the Scorpio energy positively by deep-diving into ourselves." Just remind yourself, this is all for the benefit of your growth as a decent human being! This retrograde is all about ~learning~. Risks can actually reap rewards here unlike another retrograde we're familiar with. Cough — Mercury — cough.


If retrogrades are all about reviewing and redoing and all those "re" things, Jupiter is no exception. Cafe Astrology says, "you may need to redirect some of your energy away from a partnership or a focus on others if this has been excessive. In the coming months, there is good energy with you for reviewing, reassessing, and moderating debt." These next four months might not be the time to take on new projects, but to focus on developing your current library of projects and finishing something. Think about your happiness and how you can up your self care routine to make yourself feel like a queen.


Have relationships and partnerships been swirling around your brain lately? It could be cause of Jupiter's retrograde. AstroStyle says, "Jupiter will reverse through this interpersonal zone until Jul. 10, giving you a chance to reflect on your closest ties. Which ones are worth nurturing, and which are in disrepair? Be discerning about where you put your energy." This retrograde is about finding balance between what's best for your personal growth and the energy you invest in your closest relationships.


Is your to do list tattooed with a novel's worth of tasks? And you're just piling them up instead of crossing them off and it is taking a toll on your whole self care routine? Same. This retrograde gives you the time to reflect, develop your self care method and refocus on all those projects you already have in place. Cafe Astrology says, "Try not to take on more projects now, and instead focus on what you've already begun. Edit, refine, and improve your work projects and self-care endeavors rather than taking on more."


Jupiter in retrograde is actually a welcomed sight for the crab of the zodiac. Things may have been a little hectic thanks to Jupiter's energy. But now, with it turning retrograde, you'll get to enjoy some of that valued ~quiet time~ Cancer's appreciate so much. AstroStyle advises, "Clean up your eating, resume an exercise program, book a few quieter nights. You can get back to being the life of the party when Jupiter bounds forward (direct) through Scorpio again from Jul. 10 to Nov. 8." Kick your feet up and enjoy the stillness!


Jupiter has blessed your home life with some positive vibes since the fall. And don't worry, that's not being whipped out from under you like a tablecloth under crystal glassware. Cafe Astrology says all this retrograde asks is a, "need to reassess matters, slow down if you've been overreaching, and perhaps make some refinements and tweaks to your plans. Any slowdowns encountered now offer you the chance to look at your plans from a different perspective so that you can, at a later date, move forward with them with more confidence." Just take a breather. The glassware — and you — will be fine.


Is your new bestie actually a long term bestie? Jupiter in retrograde illuminates these social situations. AstroStyle explains, "Risk-taker Jupiter will be retrograde in Scorpio and your third house of communication, friends and interactions from Mar. 8 to Jul. 10. A person who seemed like your long-lost soul twin could actually turn out to be flaky or not quite as in-sync as you initially thought." But don't worry. If this person isn't who you thought they were, you might reconnect with a friend you haven't DMed in a while. Retrogrades are all about reconnecting after all.


Jupiter is known to be a planet that is heavy on the rewards. And you've maybe been the favored child, having had many opportunities come your way. This retrograde asks you to make sure you don't forget the details. AstroStyle explains, "If bills and paperwork have piled up on your desk, or you've got one too many unfinished projects, use this time to catch up. Be discerning about what you take on — you could accidentally bite off more than you can chew."


Are there too many cooks in the kitchen? Take a step outside and catch a breather. Cafe Astrology writes, "It's a good period for bringing a little more balance into your life if you've been overreaching. Also, if you've been overdoing the seeking of freedom or taking on too many projects, this is the time to rethink and make adjustments that bring you a little closer to reality." Don't take on too many things at once. Delve into what you're passionate about and focus on making the most of one thing at a time.


Your ruler is retrograde! AstroStyle says, "Do some codependent cords need to be clipped? You can give and give, but with Jupiter retrograde, you're reminded to share your gifts with people who actually value — and are capable of returning — the generosity." If you find yourself opting to take care of everything, AstroStyle cautions that you might be in danger of burning out. Let other people figure things out themselves and take some time for you!


Social engagements are always fun to participate in but is your iCal stuffed with events that you're more overwhelmed than excited? Cafe Astrology says, "this is a good time to restore some balance if you've been doing too much. If you have too many ideas or projects on your plate, this is a good time to prioritize. Some of you could be reassessing your involvement with a friend or group or toning down your social life or networking activities a notch." You don't have to RSVP to everything. It's okay to enjoy a night in alone!


It's easy to say yes to projects. Easier than actually doing them. While Jupiter is retrograde, you might just want to focus on the do-ing part of the projects you've already signed on for. Cafe Astrology writes, "you may need to curb your enthusiasm a touch on the professional front -- just enough to gain a new perspective and to focus on projects that are genuinely doable. Once you let go, you may very well discover that you have the faith that things will unfold naturally and successfully."


I bet you have a hundred million dollar ideas that will take you around the world. And those things can totally happen. But, you know, with planning and a ~budget~. Jupiter isn't asking you to stop believing in your dreams, just to be more realistic about achieving them. AstroStyle says, "you might have a world-changing idea or project that you're feeling extra excited about.But have you bitten off more than you can chew? If you've scattered your energy a little TOO far and wide, even in the name of fun, Jupiter's backspin gives you a chance to pull back a little. Give some of your starry-eyed ideas a reality check, putting them into timelines and budgets." Pulling back to gage where you should start on this journey to manifesting your dreams is what's vital during this retrograde.