Why People Are Praising Delta After The Airline's Run-In With Ann Coulter

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Following a string of controversies throughout the first half of 2017, Delta Airlines has received widespread praise following Ann Coulter's tweetstorm blasting the company for assigning her pre-booked seat to another passenger.

Coulter, a conservative commentator with a reputation for making inflammatory comments on race, religion, LGBT rights, immigration, and other social issues, launched her attack on the airline upon landing in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Saturday. The response to Coulter's woes was largely unsympathetic throughout social media.

While some observers rejoiced in Coulter's anger because of her political beliefs, many felt that her handling of the situation rendered her unworthy of sympathy — specifically her decision to publish insults and photos of the woman to whom her seat was given, as well as of the flight attendant who asked her to move.

"If it was so important for the dachshund-legged woman to take my seat, she should have BOOKED THE SEAT IN ADVANCE," Coulter wrote. She additionally referred to the flight attendant in question as "Nurse Ratchet," a comment some saw as having racial undertones, considering that the word "ratchet" is often seen as a derogatory term with specifically harmful impacts on black women, such as the flight attendant in Coulter's photo.

Thanks to Coulter's rant, Delta was unexpectedly showered with support and gratitude throughout the weekend.

1. Ann Coulter's Suffering Is Another Person's Glee

Given the anger Coulter sparks on a daily basis, being the source of someone's happiness is likely not something the commentator is accustomed to.

2. Oops

Some took the opportunity to mock Coulter's situation by using her political stances against her, such as her support for Trump's travel ban. In June, Coulter said she would make the president's executive order "more aggressive," and in 2015, after Trump introduced his proposal of a "complete shutdown" of Muslim entries to the U.S., Coulter took to Twitter to celebrate, calling it her "best birthday gift!"

In addition, Coulter called for the deportation of Dr. David Gao when he was violently dragged off a United Airlines flight in April.

3. It's A Confusing Feeling

For some, Delta doing something right was a little baffling.

4. Does Delta Take Requests?

Because it looks like people have some suggestions.

5. Customer Feedback

Always nice when someone says you're doing a good job.

6. Really Not That Serious

Delta's response to Coulter, in which they described her behavior as "unnecessary and unacceptable," was also a source of joy for many.

7. Mind-Boggling

Coulter has probably given the airline more positive press this year than their official PR team.

8. Some People Resent It

It's like having to defend a person you can't stand.

9. On The Bright Side...

At least it brought people together.

10. No Easy Feat

Have to hand it to Coulter — not everyone could pull something like this off.

11. Renewing Customer Satisfaction

So far this year, Delta has come under fire for kicking off two parents and their toddlers and threatening them with jail time for not giving up a seat and ousting a desperate passenger because he used the bathroom before takeoff — not to mention revoking funding from a theater production of Julius Caesar, featuring Trump as the titular character (despite having funded a similar production in 2012 featuring Obama).

Many of Delta's customers have undoubtedly been feeling less loyal to the company; looks like Coulter is helping reignite love for the airline within some travelers.

12. Bringing In New Customers, Too

Coulter didn't just increase loyalty among current customers — she also seems to have helped bring in some new ones.

13. Pretty Much

Hard to argue otherwise.

14. Clean Slate For Delta?

This saga might be enough for some to look past Delta's recent controversies.

15. Painfully True

Had Coulter not chosen to personally attack and photograph her fellow passengers — who had no control over the airline's decision — and a flight attendant, it's likely she would've received more empathetic responses.

By Monday morning, Coulter was still lashing out at Delta on social media.

Today's consumer quiz: Why is @delta worse than @united? A: United drags customers off the plane, but soon Delta will have to drag them ON.