Your Guide To Why Rachel Likes Bryan So Damn Much On 'The Bachelorette'

by Kayla Hawkins

After the June 26 episode of The Bachelorette, two things are clear: Lee needs to go home immediately, and it looks like Bryan Abasolo is once again the frontrunner for the man who will win Rachel Lindsay's heart. But even though Rachel gets giggly every time she even looks at Bryan, some fans don't really... get what's so great about him. So what are Bachelorette fans missing about Bryan? He's not quite as photogenic as Peter, he's not as likable as Dean, he's not as quietly confident as Will, and he doesn't seem to make Rachel laugh hysterically like some other contestants can. Still, he's doing very well and he was even the first man to confess he was "falling" for Rachel. So, why does Rachel like Bryan so much, and what are Bachelorette fans missing?

Of course, plenty of Bachelor Nation really likes Bryan, and some are even rooting for him to be sent home so they can hit up his DMs after the show. And it's possible that while he comes across as a little dull onscreen, that all of his best and most compelling qualities were left on the cutting room floor, or will be better showcased in future episodes. But whether or not Bryan is your personal dreamboat, he actually makes a lot of sense as a potential match for Rachel, and that's what really makes a difference.

He Kissed Her First

Being first doesn't count for much if you're a bad kisser, but clearly, that kiss made a good impression on Rachel, because she's been smitten ever since. But reality show kissing always comes across as a little gross, so it's not always easy to read chemistry from a makeout session.

He's A Little Bit Older

Rachel is 33, and Bryan is 37. Maybe Rachel is just more comfortable with a guy who's slightly older than she is — there's plenty of immature behavior on the show so far, and he might seem level-headed in comparison.

She's Clearly Comfortable With Him

Rachel comes across as very nice, but she has an expressive face, and it's easy to tell what she's feeling. She can barely hide her smile when she sees Bryan, or her skepticism when she has a bad date with someone (like with Jack Stone).

He Gets Intimate Right Away

As soon as Rachel invited Bryan on a one-on-one date, he immediately asked her for a hug. Again, something that seemed kind of corny and weird onscreen (unless you have a crush on Bryan), but he was clearly putting the moves on her, and it was really working.

He's Not Involved With The Drama

Kenny would be doing much better in this competition if he wasn't saddled with the microaggressive albatross that is Lee, and so far, Bryan doesn't have that same problem. He's remained above the drama, and clearly Rachel likes not having to worry about it.

He Seems Serious About A Relationship

He said he was falling in love, and Rachel said she believes him. She has been clear that she's looking to settle down and get married. She's always skeptical when one of the guys comes across as too slick, and maybe she appreciates how straightforwardly Bryan is trying to win her heart.

There's No Accounting For Taste

At the end of the day, Rachel is looking for someone that will make her happy. She comes across as a surprisingly normal, well-adjusted person. And maybe she's destined to marry a slightly boring chiropractor who's very good looking if you squint a little. But Bryan is undoubtedly playing the game well by focusing on winning over The Bachelorette herself, even if some fans just don't get it.