Why This Color Coded Family Photo Is Going Viral Among Moms

by Megan Grant

Most of us have some kind of family photo hanging in our home somewhere; but there's one in particular unlike most others: This family picture is color-coded and depicts all 17 grandchildren, numbered by birth order, their shirt colors representing the six families they come from. Have you ever felt this much love from one photo?

The image was shared by Chrissy Roussel on the Facebook page Roussel Six Pack, featuring every single one of her parents' grandchildren. Roussel comes from a big family herself, with three brothers and two sisters. The mom tells POPSUGAR, "I loved having a big family growing up, and I'm so happy that my kids have the same experience." Roussel — who reveals the photo was her sister's idea (visit Annabelle Rose Photography on Facebook) — has six daughters of her own, three of which are triplets. They're wearing the hot pink shirts. "Having a big family means lots of noise, laughter, and, most importantly, love. Between the 17 cousins, there's always someone to play with and have fun with. They have a ball together," she adds.

There's even more behind this adorable photo, though — a special kind of happiness when this family needed it the most.

The last five children born, including her triplets, came into the world after Roussel's father had passed; and they, along with the 12 other grandchildren, helped the family get through their tragedy. "I also reflect on how those 17 kind, thoughtful, funny kids are my dad's greatest legacy," Roussel says. "We miss him so much, but we feel his presence every day through the love and joy of all these kids."

While the family had to endure the pain that comes with experiencing the loss of a loved one, they also got to welcome five new bright, smiling faces to the family. Nothing and no one will ever replace Grandpa; but he livers on in the hearts and minds of his 17 wonderful grandchildren.

You can learn more about Roussel and her family over at her Facebook page, and you can also check out her blog, Roussel Six Pack.