Deck Of Scarlet's New Palette Will Make You Purple Makeup Believer

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

Deck of Scarlet, which has disrupted the beauty industry (in a good way) as the first makeup palette subscription and brand in one, has dropped its summer palette, which was curated with YouTube Beauty Expert BabsBeauty, aka Stephanie Stipes. The "purple palette" is packed with seven super-saturated shades in mostly purple hues, offset with some peach shades. The set also comes with a deluxe lip chubby.

Eyes, lips, and cheeks are covered with this palette, quite literally. This is a color collection that you can play with easily.

Are you stopping in your tracks and thinking, "Purple? In the summer? Hmm...."

Relax! Don't scurry off, dismissing this palette because you labor under the illusion that purple doesn't work for you. With this collection, the guess work has been eliminated. The brand test-drove the shades in the palette, which costs $29.95, and found that it looks amazing on eight different women with totally unique skin tones.

You know how there are always one or two colors in a palette that you don't use or can't find a purpose for, while you hit pan on others? Well, Deck of Scarlet's experiment proves you can and should use all shades and have no skip overs!

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

I get it. Deck of Scarlet gets it. Purple makeup can be intimidating and daunting. But with this palette, the shade, which comes in several gradations, is not reserved solely for those who are daring or adventurous with their makeup. The brand discovered that purple is indeed a universal shade that should be embraced, not feared.

Here's the proof. Check out these videos. I can't disagree.

The purple shades are gorgeous on all of these skin tones.

It looks natural on some and dramatic on others, depending on how the shade is built and paired.

Purple works for everyone! It can have a gothy aesethetic.

It is certainly a romantic shade.

OMG, don't you love these looks?

Purple loves all skin tones.

There are eight videos that demonstrate how well this purple palette works for all skin tones and makeup obsessives.

Still not convinced? Well, Deck of Scarlet makes it easy for commitment-phobes regarding certain makeup colors! As a subscriber, you can skip a palette if the colors aren't your thang.