The Real Reason Simon Axed Nicole From 'The X Factor' Panel Actually Makes Sense

by Alice Broster
Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The promo shots are out, the ads have started, and Simon Cowell's face appears to be all over ITV, which only means one thing. After what has felt like the longest wait, X Factor is going to be back on our screens very soon. Yes, it is almost audition time again and stories about the shake-up to the judging panel have dominated coverage of the show over the last couple of months. Although the new line-up looks great, I can't help but wonder why was Nicole Scherzinger fired from X Factor? I mean let's face it, she was awesome at her job.

I reached out to a representative for Scherzinger but they are yet to pass comment. So I decided to touch base with X Factor to get some answers. Unfortunately, the show did not get back to me either.

News first broke that Scherzy had been axed back in April earlier this year. At the time, a source told The Sun that the former Pussycat Dolls star had been dropped because Cowell wanted new faces on the panel. They said: "Nicole was a passionate judge but has no contract and won’t be back this year in order to bring in fresh blood."

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Of course, she isn't the only judge that won't be coming back to the panel when the series returns. Cowell has also dropped his good friend Louis Walsh from the show. Apparently, he was supposed to be returning, but the music mogul reportedly wanted him gone. A source told The Sun that Louis and was "contracted to return this year, but Simon and the producers have lost faith." They added: "Louis has had a great run, but he’s advertising hearing aids for God’s sake. It’s beyond a joke."

It was reported that Sharon Osbourne was also expected to be axed. The source continued: "They were both terrible on the panel last year...And Sharon couldn’t even remember some of her own contestants’ name." However, it has since been confirmed that Osbourne will be joining the judging panel later on in the series when the live shows start.

I have reached out to Walsh and Osbourne's reps for comment, but am yet to hear back from either.

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Scherzinger, Walsh, and Osbourne will be replaced on this year's main series by Louis Tomlinson, Robbie Williams, and Ayda Field. Although I am sad to see the old judges leave, I genuinely can't wait for the newbies to settle into their new role. Personally, I think they are going to great jobs.

As for Scherzy? Don't worry, I'm still a huge stan. And to be honest, I'm not worried about her post X Factor. That gal is in high demand. A source told the Mirror: "Nicole was invited as a lot of important film people want to work with her. She’s one of those super-talented people who can sing, dance, and act. She’s got it all and she’s up for different roles and jobs."

So, if we aren’t going to get to see her light up our screens every Saturday and Sunday night, what is next for Scherzinger? Speaking to the Mirror she said: "We’ll see what happens." Only slightly vague. However, I don’t think there is any need to be particularly worried about this gal. The world is her oyster.

So, whilst X Factor might be returning, it isn’t the show as we know it. I know I will miss Scherzinger, along with so many other fans. Whilst I would say I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will see her sometime soon, I don’t think I need to. She’s got this. So for the time being, I will just say I am very excited to see what she is working on next.