Why Kevin Is Afraid To Show Emotion On 'BB19'

Bill Inoshita/CBS

Kevin has never quite fit in on Big Brother 19. It would be easy to say that it's because he's significantly older than the rest of the cast, but it's not that. It can sometime seem that Kevin is the only person in the house who realizes there's a whole world outside of the Big Brother house. He doesn't get caught up in the squabbling and drama of the house, but recently opened up about one of the toughest parts of being on television. On the Aug. 16 episode of the show, viewers learned why Kevin won't cry on Big Brother 19.

Kevin has always been a shoulder for others to lean on while in the Big Brother house. When the rest of the house shunned Cody and Jessica, Kevin seemed to be the only person willing to go out of his way to make sure that the two still felt included and acknowledged. While he's been there for other people, it seems that Kevin is scared to let anyone see him emote — going so far as to hide any tears by sticking his head in the fridge to cry. As Kevin himself explained in the diary room, "I don't tell no one how I feel."

It's clear that Kevin is affected by how much he misses his family, but he can't allow himself to cry while on camera. He says, "Where I grew you just had to be a man when you were young right up to when you become a man and then you are a man and you just didn't show emotion cause it would be a sign of weakness." It's a difficult, upsetting thing to bear witness to, but not nearly as heartbreaking statement as what followed. "If I cried on that TV, man, I wouldn't be able to go back home. Isn't that a shame?"

The fear of showing emotion likely plays a large role in the friendship between Cody and Kevin, as they are two fathers who have been trained to keep their emotions inside and not express themselves. Thankfully, it seems that Kevin's experience with bottling up emotions has made him an excellent listener capable of being a shoulder for others.