Why You Should Really Invest In These Coffee-Infused Bed Sheets

by Nia Decaille

If caffeine is your absolute go-to for fuel to plow through your day and (maybe) have some semblance of productivity, these coffee-infused bed sheets will help with quite the opposite. In fact, Ettitude, the company behind the sheets, proves that coffee is the super crop that can do both; it can keep you unreasonably wide awake, or help you sleep. In this case, it's the latter. It sounds like a joke turned miracle, but the methodology behind it makes a better case for it than the concept.

The grounds in the sheets are actually recycled grounds infused into yarn (although don't worry, they don't actually smell like coffee). The sheets are also made from bamboo, known for its antibacterial and insulation properties when used in fabric. Ettitude describes them as "sheets with superpowers"; according to the company, their sheets are capable of drying fast, keeping you cool or warm if needed, and control odor three times more than cotton. All of it is wrapped up in a pretty bow called sustainability.

According to Ettitude, the grounds in the sheets also deodorize and provide insulation from moisture. The creators at Ettitude say this will eliminate the growth of bacteria and minimize the need for washing in the long-term. What this means for you: longer wear and little maintenance out of your sheets. These sheets will apparently save you time, water, and electricity. If you pay utilities, this sounds like an absolute win!

On the company's Indiegogo page, they boast of being one of the first companies to make 100 percent Bamboo Lyocell fabric, and committing to a fabrication process that is also sustainable. These sheets are 35 percent S. Cafe coffee grounds and 65 percent Bamboo Lyocell yarn, which is suitable for absorbing sweat and a soft, breathable fabric for more comfort.

They also share a few more facts about the power of coffee grounds and why they're the perfect sleep mate:

You can support Ettitude's efforts on Indiegogo to bring these coffee-infused bed sheets to a home near you and save you from musty smelling sheets in the future. You can get these sheets in a size double, queen, or king in delectable coffee flavors like latte, mocha, strawberry frappe, and flat white. From the looks of it, these sheets are a treat for anyone trying to go sustainable without trading up the luxury of a good night's sleep.