Fans Think This Wikipedia Page Is Confirmation Of Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumors first started last September, it seems like every single day has brought a slew of new theories about when she'll make the news public. But the latest theory, unfortunately, doesn't hold much water. Fans think Jenner's pregnancy will be revealed on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but the evidence is suspicious at best... especially since the source of the information is Wikipedia.

Over the last week, someone has edited the KUWTK episode list page on the site, including the names and descriptions of a few upcoming episodes. And a couple of them sound pretty suspicious when it comes to Jenner's pregnancy. One episode, which supposedly will air on February 25, is listed as "We're expecting," with a description that says, "Following Khloé’s pregnancy announcement, Kylie and Travis Scott have some news of their own to share with the family." Then, the following episode, with an air date of March 4, is listed as "It's a girl," and is supposedly about when "Kylie and Travis Scott begin the quest to determine the gender of their child."

Although Wikipedia is an awesome source for all kinds of information, there's a reason most college professors don't let you use it as a legitimate source for research papers. Anyone can edit Wikipedia, so what are the chances these episode titles and descriptions were actually shared by someone in the know?

As it turns out, that chance is zero. In a statement to Bustle, E! said, "Those are not the correct episode title names."

But even without E!'s confirmation, just by looking at the Wikipedia page, it's pretty obvious that something fishy is going on here. First of all, the episode titles aren't even properly capitalized, so there's that... and it's strange that the description for "We're expecting" would reference Khloé's pregnancy reveal when that would have taken place five episodes and more than a month earlier.

And if you dig a little deeper, the IP addresses of the users who posted these updates are confusing, as well. In fact, two different users with different IP addresses edited this page, and one was from Australia, which is pretty random and again shows how anyone can edit Wikipedia.

Plenty of fans are believing that these Wikipedia edits are real, though, despite all evidence to the contrary. Many of them have already taken to Twitter to celebrate... even though they're in for a huge disappointment.

Besides, Jenner has, so far, been so careful about this development in her life, so it's doubtful that her pregnancy would be revealed this easily — or that an episode where she announces it would have such an obvious title. Of course, everyone knows based on reports that Jenner is most likely expecting, but "We're expecting" as a an episode title? Nope. That gives it all away, and she's worked too hard for that.

Plus, as shady as this whole thing has been, it just keeps getting weirder. The page has already been updated to say that that "It's a girl" is about when "Kylie and Travis Scott begin the quest to determine what puppy to get and start decorating the nursery for the baby!" What is happening here?!

This period of Jenner's absence has been hard for fans of the famous family. She's been almost entirely MIA from KUWTK this season, and she hasn't been nearly as active on social media as she once was. She is definitely entitled to have as much privacy as she wants, but plenty of fans are missing her presence — and the opportunity to see Jenner and Khloé pregnant together at the same time.

And because of how much that sucks, it would be awesome if these episode titles were legit. Then that would mean that not only do we get to see Jenner's pregnancy reveal on TV, but that it's coming in a matter of weeks. Unfortunately, that's not what's happening here, and the waiting will probably just have to continue.

Jenner, whenever you're ready, the rest of the world certainly is — on KUWTK or off.