Wildfang Just Made A Dupe For Glossier's Beloved Pink Coveralls

Glossier is one of those ride or die brands that have inspired a cult following among its fans. While their followers can't get enough of their Cloud Paint or Milk Jelly, the one thing they can't quite get their hands on is the Glossier millennial pink uniform coveralls that the employees get to wear. If you have ever been to a Glossier pop up store or just follow the brand religiously on Instagram, then you will know that all the employees wear white sneakers and the cute, cotton candy pink jumpsuits that look as stylish as they look comfy. But — huge disappointment to the masses — the coveralls aren't for sale, and we were forced to just admire them from afar. Until now.

Wildfang made a Glossier coverall dupe, where their WF Workwear Coverall comes in a light pink shade and sports the same baggy silhouette as the iconic beauty uniform. (Wildfang carries sizes XS-2X.)

The multi pocket workwear piece is soft to the touch and has some stretch to it, meaning it's the perfect piece to both lounge and catch up on Netflix in, or to toss on and get brunch with girlfriends in. It's both cozy and stylish, and with a little bit of Boy Brow and Balm Dotcom, you will look as glowing and chic as the Glossier team.

The Wildfang coveralls aren't an intentional copy of the brand's uniform, but more of a happy accident. The 97 percent cotton jumpsuit actually comes in three different colors — including olive and navy — letting you dabble with a more utilitarian look if that's what you prefer more. The millennial pink option is an exclusive limited time launch and comes in sizing S-2X, so if you have been drooling over these uniforms since you first saw them at the pop-up in your city, then act fast. They won't be here forever, and then your chance to impersonate one of the Glossier team members will be gone and over.

"Fashion meets function with our exclusive coveralls. We love the multi pockets and super soft stretch construction. This jumpsuit does all the work for you, so you can just sit back and relax into its soft, cozy wonder. You're gunna want more than one color, trust us," the product description reads.

There have been a few copycat versions of the suit in the past, where both Urban Outfitters and ASOS made their own similar styles. ASOS made a washed cotton boilersuit with a sash tie around the waist and a tapered leg, veering slightly from the more baggy, unadorned look of the original uniform. Urban Outfitter's (now sold out) version was more of a bubble gum pink color, and it had a cropped hemline making the pants stop just short of the ankles.

If you slept on those purchases, make sure you don't miss this third opportunity Wildfang is giving you. For $188, you can impersonate one of the Glossier crew, naturally flushed cheeks and bushy brows and all.