WILDFANG's Wild Smile Collection Will Fulfill Your Millennial Pink Dreams

It's fair to say that in 2017, no wardrobe is complete without a hint of millennial pink — it's fun, trendy, and so easy to wear. But if you're late to the pink party, Wildfang's Wild Smile collection has you covered. The nine-piece collection has everything from full-on rosy pieces to subtle hints of the hue, so there's something for everyone.

"The world is feeling pretty blue right now. So we wanted to send a message of hope and positivity," said Taralyn Thuot, Wildfang Creative Director. After all. the opposite of feeling blue is wearing pink, I'd say. "Not only do the graphics and copy bring an air of cheeky optimism, but the color palette is fun, bright, and uplifting," added Thuot.

In addition to the shades of millennial pink, we're talking grown-up smiley faces and the phrase "have a nice day." Because sometimes, a smile and some well-wishes go a long way, even when they come from your closet.

The line includes four tees, a tank, a jacket, a hat, a sports bra, and a pair of stylish sweatpants, all designed to add a little joy to your wardrobe. And you know what else is uplifting? The price points. Everything is $30 to $75 on Wildfang's website.

Here's a look at every piece from the collection.

1. Wild Smile Long Sleeve Tee

Wild Smile Long Sleeve Tee, $50, Wildfang

A trendy upgrade to your well-worn Homecoming shirt from college.

2. Have A Nice Day Coaches Jacket

Have A Nice Day Coaches Jacket, $75, Wildfang

Across the back, this retro-inspired jacket reads — you guessed it — "have a nice day."

3. Wild Smile Tank

Wild Smile Tank, $40, Wildfang

The muscle-style tank shows off a peek of your favorite colorful sports bra.

4. Wild Smile Tie-Dye Tee

Wild Smile Tie-Dye Tee, $40, Wildfang

Throw it back to summer camp with this tie-dye tee.

5. Wild Jogger Sweatpants

Wild Jogger Sweatpants, $58, Wildfang

If your version of a wild Friday night involves Netflix on the couch, these are the sweatpants for you.

6. Have A Nice Day Neon Tee

Have A Nice Day Neon Tee, $40, Wildfang

Because millennial pink makes even more of a statement when it's neon.

7. Have A Nice Day Pocket Tee

Have A Nice Day Pocket Tee, $40, Wildfang

The back of the shirt, as shown, is pretty much your favorite kind of sign to Instagram in T-shirt form.

8. Wild Sports Bra

Wild Sports Bra, $38, Wildfang

Like a basic black sports bra, but better.

9. Have A Nice Day Trucker Hat

Have A Nice Day Trucker Hat, $30, Wildfang

The best part about this hat is that by taking it on and off, you can be selective about who you want to wish a nice day to. (Just kidding. Kind of.)