'All For Love' Has An Unexpected Ending That Leaves The Door Open For Season 2

All for Love Amar y Vivir Netflix

Spoilers ahead for All for Love Season 1. All for Love isn't a new story to Netflix. The romance series premiered on Colombia's Caracol TV in January as Amar y Vivir, a remake of the beloved '80s telenovela with the same name, which was also adapted to film in 1989. For the most part, the new version embodies the original's spirit. But it also poses an alternate ending that could open the door to an All for Love Season 2.

Just as in the original show, All for Love follows mechanic Joaquin (Carlos Torres) and singer Irene (Ana Maria Estupiñan), who fall in love despite their opposite lifestyles. Joaquin is eventually swept into a criminal lifestyle, which eventually leads to his death and the end of his relationship with Irene. But in Amar y Vivir, he doesn't die. Instead, he turns himself in, is sentenced to 15 years in prison, and reunites with Irene after serving time.

The unexpected ending left fans with mixed feelings, as evidenced by the storm of emotional memes and GIFs under the Twitter hashtag #AmarYVivir. According to Kantar IBOPE Media, a consumption analytics company, the series landed the No. 1 spot in network ratings during the week of its April 14 finale.

Despite that success, the show has not yet been renewed for Season 2 in Colombia. The network may be waiting to gauge its reception among international audiences. Or perhaps, in an effort to stay true to the original story, they've deemed one season enough.