Fans Might Need To Speak Up If They Want An 'Alone Together' Season 3

Eric McCandless/Freeform

If you're sick of rom coms where the male and female friends always wind up falling in love, then you should definitely try Alone Together, which brings all the platonic BFF feels to the screen. Created by comedians Esther Povitsky and Benji Aflalo, the two real-life friends star in their own series, playing fictionalized versions of themselves. Alone Together Season 1 premiered on Freeform on January 10, and the final two episodes of Season 2 will air on August 29. But will Alone Together return for Season 3?

At the moment, Freeform hasn't officially announced news of either cancellation or renewal for Alone Together. That might be kind of worrisome, since the series got scooped up for Season 2 before Season 1 even premiered, and now Season 2 is nearly finished.

The ratings don't seem to bode too well for the show's longevity, either. According to TVSeriesFinale.com, Season 1 had an average rating of .11 in the 18 – 49 demo, while Season 2 has dropped to just .05. Of course, TVSeriesFinale.com also points out that many Freeform viewers prefer to get their TV fix via DVR or online streaming, rather than watching live, so Nielson ratings might not be the most accurate reflection of how many people are actually watching the show.

As for reviewers, well, they haven't all clamored over Povitsky and Aflalo's brand of comedy, either. Margaret Lyons of The New York Times was particularly harsh on the show, titling her critique "The Moping Comics of Alone Together" and spurning the show's primary friendship as "more of a listless inertia than an actual bond." In her review of Alone Together, Sonia Saraiya of Variety called the show "effortful" and says it "strains to be more than bitchy but rarely manages it." Ouch.

Bad reviews from critics, however, won't necessarily spell doom for the series if it manages to carve out a small but loyal fanbase. Co-creator Povitsky told Variety that she does hope her show lands well with audiences, since it's such a personal work for her.

"I want the show to be well-received. I want it to resonate with people [and] I hope people who get me find it and connect with it because there’s so much of me in it. But I don’t ever think of things in terms of labels or boxes. For me, it’s always just been, 'What’s true to me? What do I really think here?' And that’s how things get written for Alone Together."
Eric McCandless/Freeform

If you were wondering if Esther and Benji might ever get together on Alone Together, though, the answer to that is a firm no way, now how. Aflalo explained to Vanity Fair that, from his perspective as a writer, it's more interesting to create a relationship that is purely platonic and stays that way. "[T]here’s more to do with a buddy comedy and a friendship and a partnership," he said, "than there is some sort of ending where something romantic happens. I just think you see that a lot."

"For me growing up," added Povitsky, "a lot of my favorite shows, there always was that will-they-won’t-they. And it was really fun and I enjoyed it, but I never saw anything on TV that was a guy and a girl that were just buddies, and it was an authentic friendship. So that’s kind of what we’re going for.” But whether or not they'll get to keep exploring that through this particular show is still not guaranteed.