Archie & Veronica Shouldn't Stay Together On 'Riverdale'

Cate Cameron/The CW

If you're a fan of the classic Archie comics, then you're familiar with its famous love triangle: Archie is consistently torn between dark-haired vixen Veronica Lodge and his BFF-slash-girl-next-door Betty Cooper. The CW's TV spinoff, Riverdale, has also teased some of that tension. Veronica kissed Archie when she first arrived in town, while Archie rejected Betty when she confessed her feelings for him (though she's since moved on with Jughead). But the April 13 episode put Veronica back into the mix when she hooked up with Archie after Jughead's birthday party, and it begs the question: Will Archie and Veronica stay together on Riverdale?

Based on Archie's track record thus far, I'm going to go with a hard no. He seems to be caught up in a different romance every week. First, there was his illicit affair with Miss Grundy, his music teacher; then, his short-lived fling with Valerie, followed by that weird pseudo courtship between him and Cheryl; and now we're back to Veronica. Will it last? Honestly, I hope it doesn't. Archie is nice enough, but Veronica is a determined, fiery, and independent woman, and she deserves more than a lost boy who can't figure out what (or who) the hell he wants.

Katie Yu/The CW

Plus, both of them have some heavy family issues to sort out before jumping into a relationship. Archie's mom just catapulted back into his life, and Veronica is still trying to piece together all the secrets her parents have been hiding. Not to mention the ongoing murder investigation that's still looming over the town. If there were ever a time to bust out the clichéd "bad timing" excuse, it's now.

Then again, give teens a million reasons why they shouldn't be together, and they'll only want each other more. When speaking with The Wrap in January, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said that the series finale will finally resolve Archie's love triangle, but based on the buzz the show has already been getting, that episode — and the answer to whether or not Archie and Veronica will stay together — won't be coming any time soon. My guess? This is only the beginning of one of those long, rocky, on-again, off-again relationships that are better left in high school.