There Could Be A New Couple On 'Grey's'

Richard Cartwright/ABC

Finally! Eliza Minnick isn’t going to be just a plot device to drive conflict at Grey Sloan on Grey’s Anatomy! No! Instead, she could be a new love interest for my favorite doc, Arizona Robbins. Minnick has been circling Arizona since she showed at Grey Sloan, but she finally put her money where her mouth is. Will Minnick and Arizona become a couple on Grey’s Anatomy?

If anything, these two will have some really great hate sex. Minnick is at Grey Sloan to refurbish the teaching program because Dr. Catherine Avery and Dr. Bailey have secretly been harboring thoughts that Richard Webber’s tutelage has been, uh, not so great. Minnick has a target on her back because everyone loves Richard Webber like they love their own dad, and that includes Arizona. Arizona is none the pleased that Minnick is sitting in on surgeries and trying to usurp Webber, but there is a definitely electricity between these two. Minnick and Arizona have a fire between them, so even if Arizona is fighting this pairing at the onset, I think they could have some very hot and beautiful fireworks. To Minnick’s credit, she’s trying to make her transition as head of teaching as nice as possible – it’s just that no one at Grey Sloan is trying to hear that.

Minnick finally cornered Arizona and said that Arizona wants Minnick to be fired because then the two of them could finally “date and kiss,” and Arizona was all, “Huh? Who? Me?” and skulked off mad to her car. Look — as long as Minnick is gunning to oust Richard Webber, Arizona will never get with Minnick. Arizona is far too loyal a person to do that to one of her mentors, and I know that she’s going to fight like hell to keep him in his place at the hospital. Sorry, Eliza — I’m not sure that this is going to happen for you. Maybe if you leave the dark side you can pair up with Grey Sloan's most eligible doctor that's been named after a state.