‘BiP’ Is Facing Off With Trump & Football Tonight, But You Can Still Watch… Eventually

Paul Hebert/ABC

With summer starting to wind down, Bachelor Nation fans rely on Monday and Tuesday nights to remind them of ocean breezes, fruity cocktails, and, of course, summer romance. But fans watching the show on Monday night will be dismayed part of the way through to find that Bachelor in Paradise has been interrupted.

What? you cry, glass of wine in hand. What do you mean I won't get to find out what happens with Dean and Kristina at the regularly scheduled time? Don't worry, this interruption is for an appropriately serious reason. As Chris Harrison announced in a delightfully punny tweet, the remainder of Episode 3 of Bachelor in Paradise will be delayed due to President Trump's address on a new strategy for Afghanistan.

But don't worry! For you diehard fans, ABC will be airing the rest of the episode after the coverage of the president's speech ends. So, if you're truly dying to know whether Derek and Taylor are still together and don't mind being a little tired for work tomorrow, you can still watch the rest of Paradise, just a little later than its usually scheduled.

If you're in some parts of the New York area (including parts of New Jersey and Connecticut), however, there is some bad news. Due to an NFL pre-season game, featuring the Giants versus the Browns, Paradise won't be airing until 1 a.m. Yikes. This doesn't effect every town in these states, so be sure to check your TV schedule. And again, if you're really dedicated to the show, or just need your weekly fix of Wells Adams' face, go for it and watch the show in the middle of the night.

If you're not willing to sacrifice your beauty sleep, not to worry. There's a little thing called DVR or streaming the show once ABC puts it online. Paradise will be back at it's regularly scheduled time on Tuesday, so you will soon find out whether your prayers have been answered and Alex has been voted off the island.