How 'Winter Games' Could Change The 'Bachelor' Franchise Going Forward


Bachelor Nation fans are some of the most loyal viewers on the planet. They are not satisfied with merely The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, they also need spinoffs like Bachelor Pad (R.I.P), Bachelor in Paradise, and now The Bachelor Winter Games to keep them entertained. And now that fans have gotten hooked on the new Winter Games show, they aren't ready to let go. Will The Bachelor Winter Games return for Season 2?

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait a little longer to find out whether there will be a second Winter Games installment, as it hasn't yet been announced whether the show will return for another season. But Bachelor Nation should prepare themselves for the possibility that Winter Games was a special, one-time occasion. After all, the show is meant to be the Bachelor's version of the Winter Olympics, which only happen once every four years. It might just be that fans will have to enjoy the Winter Games while they had it, and not expect it to continue for more seasons.

But on the other hand, if fans feel very passionately about the show, that might make it more likely that the producers will consider having the show return for another season. After all, The Winter Games isn't just another show to bring together favorites from multiple Bachelor/ette seasons, it also exposes American audiences to stars from Bachelor franchises from around the globe. Fans have already gotten attached to contestants like Yuki and Benoit, and will be reluctant to see them disappear forever from their screens.

Maybe the solution isn't to make the Winter Games an annual occurrence, but instead to incorporate Bachelor Nation stars from across the world in the different spinoffs that already exist, like Bachelor in Paradise. After all, there are only so many times you can see the twins finish each others sentences or Ashley I. cry in a confessional before you start wishing for some new people to change things up.

And some of the international contestants have already been voicing their willingness to hit the beach in Paradise. “I want to marry a man I meet on ‘The Bachelor,’” Japanese Bachelor alum Yuki told The New York Times over email. “Until that day comes, I will keep being on ‘The Bachelor’ [shows].” The producers seem more than amenable to that suggestion. Creator and executive producer of all of the Bachelor shows, Mike Fleiss, told The New York Times that he would love to meld the international Bachelor world with the American one, Yuki included. “The international cast members are more unfiltered than the Americans tend to be now. They’re a little less careful about their potential Instagram values," Fleiss said. "I’d like to bring Yuki back for Paradise."

And it seems like fans agree that the international contestants seem to be the best part of the show:

And really don't want The Winter Games to end:

It'll ultimately be up to the producers whether The Winter Games will continue, or just be a one-time special event. But it does seem likely that some of the international contestants that fans have grown to know and love could stick around. With the producers always looking for a new way to spice things up and play with the format of their existing shows (remember that horrible time the men picked between two different women to be the Bachelorette?) it would seem that adding international contestants to Paradise, or even The Bachelor or Bachelorette would be a great way to do that.