Why Blair St. Clair Can Totally Win 'RuPaul's Drag Race'

I do declare, you should not be sleeping on RuPaul's Drag Race star Blair St. Clair. She may not have really risen to the top of the pack quite yet, but the potential is all there. The first queen to hail from the state of Indiana, per the Indy Star, it's easy to see that Blair has a fresh perspective and adds so much to the competition.

Although her '50s and '60s Broadway-inspired drag is charming and sweet, and, out of drag, she's often mistaken for a 12-year-old boy, Blair has maintained from the beginning that she brings something different to the competition than what meets the eye.

"I'm not just your sweet and sassy next door girl," she said in an interview with VH1. "A huge misconception about me is people immediately think I'm a look queen, and I think a lot of people underestimate my full talents because I do a whole lot more than just put makeup on. I sing, I dance, I act, I sew, I do it all."

She reiterated that threat in a brief one-on-one conversation with Ru in Thursday night's episode as she constructed her costume for the maxi challenge. Titled "The Last Ball on Earth," the queens had to design three looks around a climate change-centered theme. And, Blair was totally in her comfort zone.

She told Ru that she went to school for hair and makeup, which explains her continuously flawless face and perfectly coiffed wigs on the runway this season. Ru asked what people tend to think of her, speculating that she isn't one to be a "down dirty queen up in the club." Blair said, "Because of how young I look, I feel like I'm really kind of skipped over a lot." But, she warned the other queens to fear the unexpected, referring to herself as an imminent "sneak attack."

In the second episode of the season, Blair's nerves initially got the best of her during rehearsals for "PharmaRusical," making her dancing in pumps a bit reminiscent of a jittery newborn fawn. Her teammates were concerned at first, but she pulled it together during the actual performance when it really counted. The "Broadway baby" redeemed herself two-fold in the following episode with her over-the-top tap dancing skills.

And in Thursday's episode, she had me — dare I say — shook with her timeless, yet futuristic runway looks, from her vintage pin-up black and white Barbie-style swimsuit to her Cruella DeVil-esque fur coat, she slayed from head to toe. In her final look, she rocked a pink wig, galaxy-inspired makeup, and a skin-tight pink and sliver metallic dress, but remained true to her classy and polished persona, which isn't an easy thing to do.

Although fans don't yet know how the season ends, they can thank Blair's social media presence for confirming that she is in fact, more than just a look queen. She has people LOL-ing over her recent recreation of the viral video of the Wal-Mart yodeling kid. She shared a video parody on Twitter — and fans were loving it. All that's missing are the oversized cowboy boots!

For reference, here's the original video:

The one thing that has been affecting Blair this season is that she really misses her mom. She's said time and time again that her mom is a big part of her life and her drag career (and she's really searching out motherly figures in her fellow drag queens). In fact, Blair's mom is the one who came up with her drag name in the first place — well, part of it.

In her VH1 interview, she revealed she had chosen the name Blair to reflect the class and style of Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl. But, one day while she was at the gym, her phone continuously rang. Blair's mother was calling because she had an epiphany she knew would complete her stage name. "I just passed St. Clair Street downtown," she told Blair. "You're name has to be Blair St. Clair!"

It's clear that from her stage name to her persona — Blair St. Clair knows what she's doing. She may come off as shy and timid on the show now — but there's a lot more to her that fans will probably get to see before the season is out. The frontrunners better watch their backs — because Blair St. Clair is coming for the crown.