'Bonding' Season 2 Could Seriously Test Pete & Tiff's Friendship


With just seven 15-minute episodes, Netflix's Bonding can be easily devoured over a long lunch break or two. And after the — *ahem* — climax of the first season, fans must be curious what's to come for best friends and business partners Tiff (Zoe Levin) and Pete (Brendan Scannell). Will Bonding return for Season 2 so that they can keep exploring fetishes and friendship? Bonding might explore the world of kink and BDSM, but underneath all that latex, the show is about the unbreakable bond between two BFFs. And it's that bond which would have to remain at the core of Season 2.

At the moment, Netflix hasn't announced whether or not Bonding will come back, and it will likely be at least a month or two until there's any news. However, since the show itself is so short, it's possible that an announcement might come sooner than it would with seasons that have a run-time of several hours. In fact, Zoe Levin, who plays Tiff, told Bustle that Bonding Season 1 was shot in just 30 days. Of course, that doesn't account for editing time, but if all goes well and Bonding does get the green light for Season 2, it could potentially arrive in six months or less.

If Bonding does return, Levin told Bustle that she hopes the show will continue to focus on Tiff and Petes growth just as much as it does on her character's dominatrix lifestyle. "That to me is the heart of the show: the relationship between Pete and Tiff," she said. "I just hope they can keep exploring what their friendship is to each other and how they support each other. Their adventures together."

As for Levin herself, she said she'd be eager to reprise her role as Tiff/Mistress May and work with everyone on the set of Bonding again. — especially with Scannell. "It was the most fun when I got to work with Brendan [Scannell] and do those scenes together, so I hope there's a lot more of that in the future. We had a blast doing that."

Levin went on to say that everyone in the cast and crew made Bonding an incredible working experience, which she'd be happy to repeat in the future. "The relationships I made on that set were like one in a million," she continued. "You don’t get jobs like that very often. And I would just be so thrilled to be able to work with [series creator Rightor Doyle] and Brendan again."


While Season 1 focuses on Pete's BDSM baptism by fire, by the last episode, he's started to fully come into his own. Now he and Tiff are equal partners, and Carter (Pete's working name) is becoming just as popular as Mistress May herself. Tiff has clearly always been the more dominant one in their relationship, but Season 2 could be a great opportunity to explore how their relationship would change if Pete starts to become the top dom in town.