Bughead May Be Done On 'Riverdale'

by Allie Gemmill
Katie Yu/The CW

The death knell for one of Riverdale's freshest relationships has rung for the final time. After the April 27 episode, 'shippers should start preparing for the worst. That's right, I'm talking about whether or not Riverdale's Bughead will break up. There's reason to believe that the latest episode, "To Riverdale and Back Again" was heralding the end of this beloved relationship. As cracks split open into chasms between Betty and Jughead, it becomes pretty clear that their relationship had been rockier than viewers may have assumed.

With mounting suspicions about who exactly killed Jason Blossom and why he was killed, it becomes clear that Betty and Jughead are on opposite ends of the investigation spectrum. While Betty was involved in investigating the Blossom family by way of sister Polly's explorations behind enemy lines, Jughead appeared content finishing his manuscript about Jason's murder. He was unable to tell his dad who he thought was the murderer and he appeared comparatively okay with letting sleeping dogs lie on the matter.

What makes the feeling that a break-up is coming even worse is that, after regaining their footing following their awful fight at Jughead's birthday party, Jughead was ready to move on with Betty. They both make it known to their parents that they are really falling for one another at various points in the episode. They are set to be the most adorable homecoming couple at Riverdale High. At one point Jughead is faced with the idea of leaving Riverdale, and all he can do is imagine what life without Betty would be like. For a good half an episode, it seemed like Bughead was back on track.

Dean Buscher/The CW

During the family dinner from hell, Betty tries to thwart her mother's plan to paint F.P. as the murdering kind. Having figured out part of Alice's plan early on, Betty is determined to stay in Jughead's corner. Despite not knowing the full extent of Alice, Veronica, and Archie's snooping on F.P., Betty is still at fault for not warning Jughead about what was going on.

Dean Buscher/The CW

But when Betty confronts Veronica and Archie about their secret snooping at F.P.'s place, the clean slate between Betty and Jughead crumbles. Jughead overhears their conversation in the hallway. Confronting Betty, he makes it known just how betrayed he feels that his friends and his girlfriend were attempting to find evidence his father was a murderer.

With the news of F.P.'s arrest intervening in Jughead's blow-up with Betty, you'll have to wait to see about the future of Bughead. However, I have a feeling this is just further proof that Bughead may not make it past Season 1.