8 Shows To Marathon If You're Already Missing 'Cable Girls'

by Rebecca Patton
Manuel Fernandez-Valdes/Netflix

Netflix's Spanish period drama Cable Girls — or Las Chicas del Cable — returns for its fourth season on Friday, Aug. 9. And fortunately for those who've loved watching Lidia, Ángeles, Carlota, Marga, and Sara navigate the sexual politics of 1920s Madrid, it seems pretty likely that Cable Girls will return for Season 5. In fact, it may already be happening.

It's been reported by Spanish outlets like La Razon that there will be a Season 5, and the show's IMDb page has Season 5 listed. However, it's unclear whether Netflix has officially renewed the show. Back in January, La Vanguardia reported that due to scheduling conflicts, Maggie Civantos (who plays Ángeles Vidal) would likely not be in Season 5 should it go forward. However, in July, a fan posted an Instagram Story screenshot on the show's subreddit, which claimed that filming had started.

Whether Season 5 goes forward or not, at least there's still Season 4 to make your way through. As the trailer reveals, it's now 1931 in Madrid, and women are making headway in achieving gender equality. It's been a year since the explosive Season 3 ending, and Remezcla confirmed that Spain is now a Republic and not a monarchy. So what does this mean for the show's protagonists? It seems like Carlota is running for mayor of Madrid, while Lidia is having to contend with some difficult men.

Whatever else Cable Girls Season 4 has in store, here are some shows to keep you occupied after the end credits roll.

'La Casa de Papel'

Season 3 of this Spanish heist series was just released in July, so viewers will have plenty to watch. La Casa De Papel (or Money Heist) features a group of creepy mask-wearing crooks who first plan and then execute various — you guessed it — heists.

Where to watch it: Netflix

'Call the Midwife'

Fans of period drama rave about the PBS series Call the Midwife, which depicts British midwives in the 1950s.

Where to watch it: Netflix


Élite follows a group of wealthy teenagers (and a few fish out of water new arrivals) at a private school called Las Encinas, where a student turns up dead. And since Season 2 premieres Sept. 6, there's a lot to look forward to.

Where to watch it: Netflix

'Paquitas Salas'

Brays Efe plays a '90s talent agent with a flair for the dramatic.

Where to watch it: Netflix

'Gentleman Jack'

Gentleman Jack tells the true story of a woman named Anne Lister (Suranne Jones) in West Yorkshire, England who sets out to marry a woman named Ann Walker (Sophie Rundle). Obviously, this was quite unheard of for 1832, and her trailblazing spirit has been memorialized in this eight-episode miniseries.

Where to watch it: HBO

'The Spanish Princess'

This Starz series follows Catherine of Aragon (Charlotte Hope) as she uproots her life in Spain and moves to England in order to marry Prince Arthur.

Where to watch it: Starz

'Alta Mar'

Manuel Fernandez-Valdes

Set in the 1940s, Alta Mar (or High Seas) follows sisters Eva (Ivana Baquero) and Carolina (Alejandra Onieva on a sea voyage from Spain to Brazil. The twist? Someone is murdered during their journey, and the killer is still onboard.

Where to watch it: Netflix

'Peaky Blinders'

Courtesy of Netflix

This drama about a British crime family is set at the same time period as Cable Girls — just across the English Channel.

Where to watch it: Netflix

So even if Cable Girls doesn't come back, there will be plenty of shows to fill the void.