Will 'Chasing Cameron' Return For Season 2? Cameron Dallas Has The Material

Vassi Dyulgerova/Netflix

With the next generation broadcasting their every move on social media, the latest wave of celebrities are coming from the internet. It really only takes one post to rocket someone into fame, or in some cases, infamy. However, there is a small group of young people who have taken online fame to the next level and turned that notoriety into full-fledged careers. One of those people is Cameron Dallas, who originally made a name for himself on Vine. Now, he's parlaying his stardom to television with the premiere of his Netflix reality show, Chasing Cameron. And though we know he has a dedicated legion of fans online, whether enough of them will follow him to Netflix to warrant Chasing Cameron Season 2 is still up in the air.

Dallas, however, believes that he has enough material to fill another season. When Bustle asks him about the current status of MagCon (the meet-and-greet convention highlighted in Chasing Cameron) and its members following the drama seen on his series, he replies, "Very interesting to say the least. It would make for a really good second season. That's for sure."

The first season, which is already streaming on Netflix, features Dallas as he navigates the insanity that comes with being a social media star. Joining the star are his family and fellow MagCon tour members Taylor Caniff, Aaron Carpenter, Blake Gray, Willie Jones, and Trey Schafer. Viewers get to see them meet fans and deal with behind the scenes drama in Paris, Australia and Italy over the course of 10 episodes.

Vassi Dyulgerova/Netflix

Whether there are more episodes beyond that depends on the success of the first season. Netflix rarely cancels series after just one season, so that is in Dallas' favor, as is the fact that he has millions of fans who will likely tune in. And Netflix already renewed Haters Back Off!, a show based on fellow internet celebrity Colleen Ballinger's YouTube personality, Miranda Sings.

Dallas also has accolades that suggest more success ahead. In June 2016, tech company Zefr found that he has the highest engagement of social media stars, making him one of the top digital influencers. If Dallas has even a fraction of the success on Netflix as he's had online, Chasing Cameron Season 2 should be a sure thing.