Good News, 'Dorohedoro' Fans: There Are More Episodes Coming In June


After its debut on Netflix Japan in March, Dorohedoro has made its way to Netflix U.S. Fans of the beloved dark manga series finally have the TV adaptation they've been waiting for, and now the spotlight has shifted to whether or not Dorohedoro will return for Season 2.

Thanks to all the hype around Season 1, there's already plenty of Season 2 theories floating around the internet. But nothing has officially been confirmed. According to Redditor SebastianC2000, the show's staff has said a Season 2 is likely only "if the anime is successful." If it is, there's plenty of additional source material to pull from: the original series has 23 published volumes, and Season 1 leaves a lot of the story untold.

"I think there will be about 4 or 5 seasons in total," Sebastian C2000 speculated. Redditor Saelinds disagreed: "No way this show will go to 4 or 5 seasons. I'm betting it will either have three seasons or a longer Season 2."

Either way, the show's June 17 Blu-ray release in Japan will also bring six mini-episodes, totaling 30 extra minutes of Dorohedoro, according to anime site Crunchyroll. If the show's creators are already releasing bonus content, that makes Season 2 seem all the more likely.