Will Ferrell's 'SNL' Character Has Fans Hoping For An 'Old School' Sequel

Will Ferrell's 'SNL' party sketch made fans start campaigning for an 'Old School' sequel
Saturday Night Live/NBC Universal

He may not have reprised any of his famed characters while hosting SNL, but Will Ferrell's party sketch did remind fans of one of his most iconic roles: Frank in Old School. In the bit, which centered around two teens (Cecily Strong and Mikey Day) who decide to throw a party when their parents are away, Ferrell played Mr. B, the teacher who made a surprise appearance in order to relive his youth.

When Strong and Day's siblings decided to invite the entire school to come party at their house in the "Aaron's Party"-esque clip, they clearly weren't expecting their teacher to join the jocks, goths, and stoners who wanted to let loose. And while Mr. B was "being polite" for most of the party, choosing to study family vacation photos and watch The Shawshank Redemption on television, things took a turn when he got a call from his wife. It quickly became clear that Mr. B was going through something, and decided to attend a high school party in order to recapture his glory days.

If that plot reminds you of Ferrell's 2003 cult hit, Old School, you're not alone; shortly after the sketch aired on Nov. 23, fans began petitioning for a sequel on social media.

In the early aughts comedy, Ferrell played Frank, a newly married 30-something who decides to join his friends in reliving their wild, irresponsible college days by starting a fraternity. Like that character, Mr. B seemed to be caught between goofy family man and the reckless guy he was in his youth — though the party sketch takes a decidedly darker turn, as the drunken teacher tells the kids that their youth "goes by too fast."

While Mr. B definitely reminded plenty of viewers of Ferrell's breakout film role, this isn't the first time that the possibly of an Old School sequel has come up. In 2006, director Todd Phillips revealed that he had actually written a follow-up to the raucous comedy, called Old School Dos. The proposed script would once again find the frat brothers on another wild adventure, but this time, would focus on Frank's wife's efforts to prevent her husband from turning back into "Frank the Tank."

Several of the original stars have expressed they'd be willing to return for a sequel. However, Ferrell isn't one of them. "Oh, I wouldn't do another Old School," he told The Guardian in 2006. "They put these rumors out there, these studio people, but I would never be behind that one."

In 2017, Ferrell reiterated his lack of interest in an Old School sequel during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, and also shot down the idea of making follow-ups to Elf and Night at the Roxbury. Unfortunately, that means that Mr. B might be the only chance that fans have to see "Frank the Tank" back in action, no matter how much the world loves to see Ferrell be the life of the party.