Will Ferrell's Trump Roast On Samantha Bee's 'Not The White House Correspondents' Dinner' Doesn't Hold Back — VIDEO

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During Saturday night's Not The White House Correspondents' Dinner on TBS, Will Ferrell reprised George W. Bush, one his most beloved roles during Samantha Bee's special. Between Bee's celebrity guests and Ferrell's excellent performance as the anticipated "special guest" of the evening, it really wouldn't be surprising if the hilarious special outperformed the actual Correspondents' Dinner. As fans could've guessed, Ferrell's segment (a roast of President Trump), inspired by his Saturday Night Live character, was definitely a highlight and one that'll be relived on the internet forever thanks to the video of Ferrell's Trump roast on Samantha Bee's special.

Although President Trump skipped the Correspondents' Dinner, Bee and her clan were sure to make his presence known on Saturday night. The TBS special, described as a "party to toast the free press, while we still have one," included Ferrell's 12-minute roast of Trump. Ferrell (as Bush) delivered a no-holds-barred scorching session of the 45th president.

One of Ferrell's jabs was at Trump's recent decision to fire a missile strike at Syria, retelling the President's actions amidst the events. "That night in the steamy, sultry air of the Mar-a-Lago club, the president steered a sumptuous and beautiful slice of chocolate cake," he said. And he continued to go in.

"He chewed it with steely reserve," he continued. "And then — with the delicious and really wonderful chocolate cake still in his mouth — he turned to the Chinese President, who was also enjoying his wonderful dessert, and said, 'I have just launched 59 missiles at Iraq. Or perhaps Syria.'" Here, Ferrell was referring to Trump's account of his discussion in which he informed the Chinese President about the strikes over a dinner and the "most beautiful piece of chocolate cake."

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He also compared the Bush presidency to the last 100 days in which Trump has been in office. "I'm doing quite well, thank you. History has proven to be kinder to me than many of you thought," he said. "For the longest time, I was considered the worst president of all time. That has changed. And it only took 100 days."

He continued making fun of the Bush legacy and roasting Trump while doing so. "I needed eight years, a catastrophic flood, a war built on a lie, an economic disaster. The new guy needed 100 days," he said. "He is widely considered the worst president of all time. I came in second. I'm fine with that."

Bless the press... and Will Ferrell.