Why 'Frontier' Absolutely *Needs* To Return For Season 4


Fans have watched half-Irish, half-Native American superhuman Declan Harp, played by Jason Momoa, annihilate the evil inner-workings of the early 1700s English fur trade for three whole seasons on Netflix. And if you ask Momoa, he'll tell you that still, not enough (fake, TV) blood has been shed, meaning he's really hoping Frontier will return for Season 4. "Britain had literally funded a private company and militarized it to go in and take out indigenous people so they could control the fur trade — all because these beaver-tailed hats were all the rage in the King’s court," executive producer Jeff Fierson told Yahoo News. "Harp is an amalgam of a bunch of different characters. We wanted to create the guy who banded all of these disparate groups together to try and take on the HBC."

And throughout Frontier's three seasons, that's exactly what he has done. Shortly after its Season 2 premiere last November, the program was renewed for Season 3 by Netflix and Discovery Canada, the series' Canadian home network, per Variety. So if a Season 4 renewal is impending, it's bound to be official soon.

Momoa was also very excited about the show's renewal for a third season, and quickly took to Instagram to share the news with his fans and followers. "Frontier Season 3. Check out trailer in bio. I love this show I am so proud of the cast and crew who bled in the freezing cold. We made art this year I love u all. Mahalo nui loa to Newfoundland," he wrote.

Although Momoa has undertaken many recent and upcoming projects, including Aquaman, Just Cause, and See, he doesn't seem any less interested in pursuing more seasons of the show. Ahead of Frontier's initial release (production had already confirmed Season 2), he told Yahoo he hoped for at least four seasons. "If you’re already satisfied with Season 1, it’s just like 100 percent better," he said. "I'm looking forward to, hopefully, [Seasons] 3 and 4."

Sure, Frontier exhibits some (quite literally) cutthroat action, but the thing that separates it from other historical dramas is that it offers a balanced narrative in regard to the unwarranted invasions the British fur trade forced onto the area's indigenous people.

Executive producer and star Allan Hawco told HuffPo Canada in 2016 that, "20 years ago it'd be a white person's show. It'd be the trials and tribulations of the Europeans. There's a bigger issue here in terms of what we did as a settlers and as a people by essentially invading a land. That's the biggest part of it for me."

And today's Frontier continues to address that issue. In fact, Momoa's short version that he gave to Yahoo sums it up quite nicely: “The funny version: me, wrapped in fur, covered in blood, killing English people, avenging my family’s death." And while he's not far off, there's also a lot more to Frontier than that. Hopefully, so much so that a fourth season gets the official go-ahead.