Kim Kardashian Has Officially Collabed With One Lucky Makeup Artist

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lifetime's Glam Masters gave makeup gurus everywhere a chance to collaborate with one of the biggest beauty moguls of herself, Kim Kardashian. The competition — and the looks — have been fierce in the show's inaugural season, which wraps up on Wednesday, April 18, so will Glam Masters come back for Season 2?

It remains unclear if the reality show has been renewed for a second season, but Kardashian did tweet earlier this month that the winner of the first season — who has yet to be revealed — has already collaborated with her on a makeup line. The limited edition batch of makeup with Kardashian's KKW Beauty line — the grand prize of the show — is apparently "all done and amazing." Whoever ended up taking home the grand title must be a worthy artist — Kardashian, who also executive produced the show, wouldn't work with just anyone. She's also been playing up the season finale on her social media, urging viewers to tune in, and it seems as though she's enjoyed taking part in this latest addition to her reality television arsenal.

The casting page for Glam Masters is still live on Lifetime's website, though the dates within the application still note filming in Summer/Fall 2017, so it's unclear if this is leftover from casting the first season or if the dates have simply not been updated yet. The application itself is still functional, though, so it seems that people are still able to submit themselves and their work for consideration. A quick click through the application shows that possible contestants need to answer questions about their education, how many years they've been doing makeup, and if they're comfortable doing makeup on not just themselves, but others. Any event experience such as weddings or proms must be listed, and they also ask applicants to list how many followers they have on their different social media accounts.

Additional questions include what they love most about the beauty industry, which bloggers and makeup artists they follow and learn from, and what their friends would describe their best and worst traits as. And, of course, there are slots for applicants to write about their unique quirks and how they respond to competition. They do need to make for compelling TV, after all.

The cast of judges — Zanna Roberts Rassi, Mario Dedivanovic, Kandee Johnson, and Laverne Cox, who also acts as host — adds to the show's appeal. They're either makeup artists themselves like Dedivanovic and Johnson, or enthusiasts like Rassi and Cox, and all the criticism they offer is filled with love and actual guidance, making the show a breath of fresh air in an age full of reality TV that can seem a little too harsh and cutthroat.


It's clear how important makeup is not only to the contestants, but to the judges themselves. "I started wearing makeup in high school. It was an expression of my femininity and gender expression, all that, but it was a way for me to announce to the world that you think you know who I am and what I'm about, but this makeup is telling you a different story," Cox, who also does work as a transgender activist, told the Los Angeles Times. "It was a way or me to transform myself and the way in which the world thought about me."

As this first season wraps up, it'll likely stir even more enthusiasts and influencers who want to strut their stuff for the once in a lifetime chance at collaborating with Kardashian, and impressing staples of the industry. But for now, they'll just have to wait and see if this first batch of episodes has set the foundation for seasons to come.