Will 'Harlots' Season 2 Happen? The Show Has So Much More To Explore

Liam Daniel/Hulu

The Handmaid's Tale isn't the only Hulu series playing around with feminist themes. Harlots, which just finished out its first season, is more of a sleeper hit that takes empowerment back to the 18th century. Will Harlots return for Season 2 on Hulu? The finale tied up some storylines, but opened up so many tantalizing possibilities.

There has been no word from Hulu or itv, the show's network in the UK, about future seasons — but there's not really any need to worry yet. Harlots is critically acclaimed, and it's still early. On a streaming service like Hulu, the timeline is unconventional and it's difficult to predict when the news will occur. There are so many things to love about this show. It shows London in 1763 as ethnically diverse, and full of women who work the system and thrive. While almost every single character on the show has the same job, they are all very different people with different values and dreams.

Season 1 ended with alliances shifting, another death, and a surprising assist from a widow. Even women you'd think might hate each other can come to one another's rescue on Harlots. The final episode also ended on hope for Margaret Wells and her family business. If the show returns, and I certainly hope it does, here's what I hope they get to explore next.

Lucy The Dominatrix

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Margaret's younger daughter didn't fit in well as a sex worker, but did Nancy Birch unlock in her a new potential? Maybe her beating a sack was just catharsis, but maybe it's a new skill set and she could start flogging clients instead of playing up her virginal image. Plus, I'd love to learn more about Nancy, and this is a good way.

Amelia & Violet's Romance

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The two women reconciled and were locking lips by the end of the episode. This relationship was barely hinted at in the first season. We absolutely need to see what happens next.

More Prince Rasselas

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He's just another character who clearly has a rich and fascinating life, but we only got a glimpse in Season 1.

Charlotte's Plan

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I knew Charlotte wasn't going to be swayed by Lydia Quigley. She's not escaping with her would-be beau, either. She's going to take down the enemy from within. Should be fun!

A Love Triangle With Harriet

Liam Daniel/Hulu

It seems clear that Harriet is jealous of Margaret's relationship with William, but could she come between them? A little suspicion might make for healthy drama, but I hope it doesn't come to that.

Emily As A New Contender

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Just as Margaret broke away from Lydia and started her own rival house, is Emily going to become the next madame?

There's a cyclical nature of this work and this lifestyle on Harlots. It's clear that Margaret will let Fanny stay with her baby — she'll grow up in Margaret's house the way Charlotte grew up in Lydia's house. These patterns will repeat and repeat. At the same time, history is moving forward and times are always changing. Between real events and all of the drama that this finale built up, Harlots Season 2 simply has to happen so that these stories can be told.