Will Hurricane Katia Affect Flights? The Category 1 Storm Is Swirling In The Gulf Of Mexico

Handout/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Atlantic hurricane season is still brewing up more storms for the world to see as weather forecasters have revealed news about the formation of two smaller but nonetheless significant hurricanes, Jose and Katia, right after Irma and Harvey. While Hurricane Harvey proved to be a natural disaster for thousands in Texas and Hurricane Irma has become a record-breaking Category 5 Atlantic hurricane, Jose and Katie are registered as Category 1 hurricanes according to the National Hurricane Center. As more information is gathered by meteorologists, some may be wondering whether Hurricane Katia will affect flights.

At this moment, the NHC does not expect Hurricane Katia to move out of the Gulf of Mexico where it presently remains. The center has to yet to issue any warnings for potential flights that might be in the way of the small hurricane. But meteorologists do expect the Category 1 Katia to gain development in the next few days and possibly travel south of Mexico's coastline. If the hurricane heads towards those areas, travelers should remain on alert and keep a close eye on any potential developments. The best advice in such an unpredictable and stormy season is to stay calm, remain aware, and take precautionary measures laid out by weather experts.

Experts on averting chaos during a natural disaster advise several things. If you already know a hurricane is on its way to your destination, you should leave town as soon as possible, if you can. If you're stranded in the middle of a storm, it is important to keep your loved ones aware of your whereabouts as people often get displaced during hurricanes. Plus, it can help to learn about flight cancellations if you know a hurricane is headed in your direction.

Little tips like these may seem obvious but they're often forgotten. Keep these in mind as they can be incredibly handy during a particularly crazy hurricane season this year.

The good news about Hurricane Katia is that the NHC described its wind pattern becoming possibly "more favorable." Although the center believes the hurricane may strengthen over the next few days, it has yet to show any signs of rapid intensification like Hurricane Irma did.

Still, given the fact that Katia is headed toward Mexico, the local government has declared a hurricane watch for locals. So, if you're in the area, the most prudent thing you can do right now is stay atop of Katia developments and make sure you've prepared yourself for a potential Category 1 storm.