Jazz Jennings Will Keep Sharing Her Story, Whether Her TLC Series Returns Or Not

by Alexis Reliford

Over the past four seasons, the GLAAD Award-winning TLC series I Am Jazz has given the world an inside look at the life of Florida teenager Jazz Jennings. Viewers have seen her through many challenges that transgender youth face in today's world. Jazz very fortunately has the unwavering support of her family and friends, and the 17-year-old has continued to be an amazing advocate, educating people of all ages by sharing her story. The Season 4 finale of the series airing on Feb. 20, but will I Am Jazz return for Season 5? Unfortunately, the series has yet to be renewed by TLC.

But while an official announcement about the show's future has yet to be made, fans shouldn't lose hope. I Am Jazz has always boasted strong ratings, with a current following of .22 million viewers, per ShowBiz Daily. The reality series also remains in the Top 50 original cable shows airing today, which means it's highly unlikely the show won't return for another season just so long as Jazz and her family are on board to continue filming. The first three seasons of I Am Jazz premiered in the summer. Season 4 kicked off in January. So the start date of a potential next season is very much up in the air.

Season 4 of I Am Jazz has showed Jennings growing into her independence as a teenager, as well as her struggle with body image. Early on in the season Jennings learned that in order to move forward with her gender confirmation surgery she would have to lose 30 pounds. In order to do so, Jennings underwent past life regression therapy.

Additionally Season 4 showed Jennings exploring her sexuality. After being introduced to a fellow teen named Victoria through a mutual friend, Jennings mustered up the courage to ask her on a date.

In previous episodes, Jennings has disclosed that she’s pansexual and does not look at the gender of a person when deciding if she's interested, though this is the first girl she's ever dated. It's for this reason she turns to her twin brothers, Sander and Griffen, for advice which results in a pretty funny exchange with the key piece of advice given being: be yourself.

So while this season was full of challenges for Jennings, it also included plenty of fun moments as well. And they're not through yet. In the Season 4 finale of I Am Jazz, the teen will get something for her birthday she's always longed for — a tattoo, according to a sneak peak clip from TLC.

If the series returns for another season fans can expect even more quirky, first time adventures like this, in addition to more information on how her confirmation journey is going. And as always there'll also be plenty of opportunities for Jennings to share her story with those around her.

Her commitment to educating others and advocacy is especially admirable, given she is forced to confront hate on a daily basis in person and on social media despite only being a teen. Jazz and her family, who have been supportive of her, have faced criticism even before I Am Jazz premiered in 2015. And on Jan. 15, the teen took to her YouTube channel to share a special message to those who come after her family.

“It breaks my heart seeing my family being trashed and talked about poorly just because of loving me,” Jazz said in the clip. “That’s all anyone can ask for from a family ― to love and embrace their child. I feel loved and embraced by them.” She continued by calling her parents “absolutely incredible.”

“They have guided me down a path of unconditional love and support, and without them, then I would be depressed. Then I would be so upset and unable to express myself authentically," she said. "My story is one of happiness ― one where a child was able to transition, able to be their true, authentic self.”

With a star so committed to being unapologetically herself despite what others may feel ― and inspiring other teens to do the same ― I Am Jazz is way more than just your average reality show. And hopefully it returns for Season 5, because something tells me that there's plenty more the world could learn from this teenager.

Editor's note: After publication, we discovered this article did not meet our editorial standards: There were portions that did not correctly attribute another source. It has been updated to meet our standards.