Will 'Imposters' Return For Season 2? The Series Already Has More Twists Planned

Ed Araquel/Bravo

Mixing twists and turns into a cohesive season of television is no easy task, and while Bravo's Imposters hasn't quite matched the heights of enjoyable silliness promised in its pilot, it's made a very strong showing in its first season. Will Imposters return for Season 2? Bravo has yet to decide on the future of the series: to renew it or send it to an early cancellation.

According to TVSeriesFinale, the ratings for Imposters Season 1 have hovered around 0.21-0.31 million in the demographic of viewers between the ages of 18 and 49. That's in the ballpark of the ratings earned by the second season of Bravo's scripted series Girlfriend's Guide To Divorce, which did get a Season 3. So those numbers should be perfectly serviceable for the network.

The creative team of Imposters is already talking about the potential future of the series. On the eve of the series premiere, creators Paul Adelstein and Adam Brooks told The Hollywood Reporter that they already know where more episodes are going. "There were things we just decided not to put in season one, that we could hold and reserve for season two," Adelstein said. Brooks added, "When we started, we didn't know that Lenny Cohen would be played by Uma Thurman, so that's very intriguing in terms of going forward and how we might use that or not." Does that comment mean that Lenny could be written off? She's the ultimate mastermind, but the key to a good con series is pulling the rug out from underneath the audience.


The April 11 Season 1 finale is leading towards that Maddie and Patrick wedding, with many layers of cons running at the same time. Ezra is attempting to pull one over on the FBI, while Jules currently has a major crush on another agent. It's possible that both members of the couple have caught real feelings, yet with the promise of $50,000 on the table, you know there will be some kind of betrayal. And the ensemble of the show is going to be instrumental in the future of the show. "We have some definite ideas, but at the same time, what's fun about television is you see what the actors are doing and what they're capable of and what their strengths are," Brooks said in the same Hollywood Reporter interview.

Brooks also gave The Hollywood Reporter what could be a hint about Maddie's future. "[Actor Inbar Lavi] once asked us, 'Is Maddie redeemable?' And Paul and I said to her that's the question. We don't know. That's the interesting thing we want to explore with the character. That's the ongoing thing," he said. Does this mean that Maddie will manage to get away scot-free but have some regrets? Or, possibly, that the tables could be turned on her and somehow the Bumblers get their revenge? Adelstein and Brooks promised TVLine that "something about mysterious Maddie’s true identity" will be revealed as well.

While there are still plenty of questions about how Imposters Season 1 will wrap up, the creators are confidently looking forward to more. An exciting season finale will have fans hoping to hear Season 2 confirmation from Bravo soon.