The 'Jett' Showrunner Is Already Planning For Season 2

Ben Mark Holzberg/CINEMAX

Fans hoping for more of Carla Gugino may be in luck. Even though Cinemax has yet to renew Jett for Season 2, it seems pretty likely that the action crime drama will return. The first season finale airs Aug. 9 at 10 p.m., and it could end on a cliffhanger that leaves everyone wanting more.

According to the synopsis for the finale episode, a plan to get rid of Bestic for good will bring Jett to a face-to-face with the criminal, who will finally reveal the origins of his feud with Charlie. From there, things will get increasingly dangerous, leaving Jett at risk of losing the very thing she holds dear. Hopefully, she can make it out unscathed...and return stronger than ever in Season 2.

Though the show's first season was only nine episodes, more could be coming for a number of reasons. For one, the series has been a hit with critics and viewers alike. Its Rotten Tomatoes critics score is 92 percent and its audience score is 86 percent. Couple that with Jett's steady ratings, and it makes total sense for Cinemax to renew it. According to TV Series Finale, Jett Season 1 averaged 127,000 viewers per episode, putting it right on par with already renewed Cinemax shows like Strike Back, which averaged 120,000 viewers, and Warrior, which averaged 133,000 viewers per episode.

Christos Kalhourdis/CINEMAX

If the network does renew Jett, showrunner Sebastian Gutierrez told Collider that he's ready for more. "I would love to have future seasons to explore these characters, but I didn't know that until I was making it," he said. "Suddenly, when I was making it, I was like, 'Oh, yes, I know exactly happens next.' It wasn’t like, 'In Season 3, this is what's gonna happen.' It really came from character and the things that were happening, which was really exciting."

He added that they shot the first season almost like a really long movie, because he wrote all nine episodes before beginning production. He plans to do things the same way if there's a second season. "I would like to [direct it again]. For the second season, I would do it the same way. I would write it all, and then direct it, like one big movie," he said.

Ben Mark Holzberg/CINEMAX

As for a Season 2 premiere date, Season 1 filmed from June to November 2018, and then aired in June 2019. That timeframe already won't work for Season 2, considering it's August and they haven't even started anything. If the show waits until the summer to shoot (because it's filmed in Canada, where it's, uh, pretty cold in the winter), fans possibly won't see a second season until 2021. Maybe Cinemax will move up the production schedule, but the network may still have to wait for Gutierrez to write the whole thing first, so a longer production schedule is probably going to be in place here.

But even if there is a bit of wait, at least fans will likely get more episodes if Cinemax sees the value in those 127,000 viewers that tuned in each week. They'll all want to know what happens next!