There Are WAY Too Many Bartenders On This Season Of 'BIP'

As adorable as Bachelorette alum Wells Adams is, and as delightful as his tropical cocktails probably taste, Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise just wasn't the same without everyone's favorite smiley bartender. But thankfully, after a year on hiatus, esteemed BIP mixologist Jorge will return to Bachelor in Paradise Season 5, according to an Instagram post from the show's host, Chris Harrison.

But, according to the official trailer for Season 5, it looks like Wells may still have a place behind the bar. The trailer catches Wells, along with Yuki Kimora, behind the bar, shaking up refreshments for the cast. While Jorge appears to have been down in Paradise filming for his comeback, the trailer doesn't reveal exactly when and how it happens.

Rejoined by Jorge, though, the three of them could be reality TV's hottest drink-making team. Plus, Jorge made it known, on Instagram, that he's a big fan of Wells, so he would probably be up for the partnership.

In his first three seasons as the bartender in Paradise, Jorge fell into a role that's just as, if not more, important than shaking the suitors' cocktails. He became a mentor and a friend to them, providing advice and lending an ear to the drama-laden, including a heartbroken Ashley Iaconetti of Season 3. So it's possible that upon his return, his de facto counseling services would be part of the deal.

Believe it or not, his infamous advice could've been stifled had he not taken the chance to get to know the suitors in the beginning. According to an interview with Eater, Jorge was originally only supposed to serve drinks, that's it. "The first five days I was told not to talk to anyone: Send the drinks, don’t say anything," he said. "If you watched that season, you know the first few days I didn’t even speak… No conversations, nada." But then the producers noticed the connection he had with the suitors, so they decided to let it fly. "Everything came up naturally," Jorge said. And fans fell that much more in love with him.

He said he never anticipated his BIP tenure to surpass one season, let alone returning to serve a doting fanbase. "I thought it was just going to be that year," he told Eater. He proceeded to helm three seasons as the honorary bartender. Now, after taking a year off to start his own tourism business based in Nayarit, Mexico where the show is filmed (You might remember the romantic tour he gave Diggy and Lacey last season.), he's excited to be back.

He shared the news on his personal Instagram, advising fans to lookout for the Season 5 premiere on August 7 by captioning a pic, "If you want to see what happened today." Imminent drama is a given, so there's no telling exactly what he was referring to, other than the fact that he's prepared to pour all the tequila shots the cast orders. He told Eater that they're the most popular drinks among suitors. "There are less calories," he said.

Thankfully, they don't contain less alcohol, because a dry BIP would be significantly less entertaining. So really, fans have Jorge to thank for the drama.