Kenan & Kel Are Bringing Some Classic 'All That' Sketches Back For The Reboot


It seems like everything is being rebooted, revived, and re-imagined in 2019. Nickelodeon teen sketch comedy show All That was basically a kid-friendly version of In Living Color for 90’s kids and launched the careers of actors like Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Nick Cannon, and Amanda Bynes. Now, the show is coming back with a new cast to make the next generation of kids laugh on June 15. But, fans of the original series have one major question in mind – will Kenan and Kel be on All-That? Their comedy reunion is way overdue.

Per Entertainment Weekly, Kenan and Kel will executive produce All That, which will feature new sketches as well as old favorites like Good Burger, Vital Information, and Loud Librarian. Kel Mitchell, Lori Beth Denberg, and Josh Server are slated to make appearances, but it’s unclear how many episodes they will be in this season. And, it makes sense to bring Kel on-board because many young Nickelodeon fans already know him as Double G from GameShakers, which recently wrapped up its third and final season.

Kel recently posted an Instagram video of him onset in full Good Burger uniform (and persona) alongside the Jonas Brothers, so it would only make sense for Kenan to appear in the sketch since they turned it into a hilarious movie. And, All That’s Instagram page recently featured a sneak peek into Kel’s appearance to prove what fans already know – he’s still absolutely hilarious.

Kenan hasn’t confirmed whether he will appear onscreen, but surely he can make a small appearance in a Good Burger sketch with his comedy pal to make old-school fans happy, right? Yes, he’s a busy man who has been on Saturday Night Live for years and, per Deadline, is preparing to star in his own prime-time comedy series called The Kenan Show, but perhaps he has time for one more Pierre Escargot skit. Do it for the culture, Kenan.

Kenan and Kel have been having a blast on the promotional circuit together, which included them showing up at the TODAY show in the infamous Good Burger car. The pair also chatted with Complex about how excited they are to give a new generation of young comedians a chance to shine. “The kids are good, man” Kel affirms. “They came in with their own sketch characters already ready to go. It’s a dope dynamic to come in here and play and do those characters that everyone remembers like Ed and Coach Kreeton but then after that to do notes with the producers. It’s been awesome…it’s been fun getting back into the suit and also giving some advice to the kids, wearing both those hats.”

In the same interview, Kenan said it was fun to bring some older characters back for another round. “It’s cool to have the opportunity to bring those things back to life while passing the torch to some new kids,” said Thompson. They are open to the any of the past cast members making an appearance but Kenan wants fans to know that this show is really about the audience embracing and loving the new cast members.

Hopefully, Kenan will give into the nostalgia and surprise fans with a cameo appearance or two alongside his partner-in-comedy Kel. And, even if Kenan doesn’t reprise any of his roles, at least there’s more Good Burger fun with Kel in the new All That series.