Kylie Cosmetics X Kim Kardashian West Is Making A Comeback

by Augusta Statz

When you shop from Kylie Cosmetics, you’ve got to act quickly. It’s almost like keeping a very important appointment or showing up for an interview. You’ve got to know what time you need to be there (in front of your laptop) set alarms so you remember and then show up a few minutes early. If you missed out this time, you’re probably wondering if the KKW x Kylie Cosmetics collection will be restocked. And if that’s the case, you’re in for some good news.

According to the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account, the nude lippie bundle will be restocked. There hasn’t been any official info on the date or the time given out just yet, but the post does read, “Stay tuned for the restock,” so it should be coming soon! Bustle has also reached out to the brand for confirmation on an official date.

It’s really no surprise that these lipsticks sold out so quickly. I mean, they were designed in part by Kim K, after all. Plus, they came in an all-new crème formula. Even though one YouTuber, Jaclyn Hill, didn’t love the fact that they weren’t long-wearing, she was absolutely in love with the shades themselves. Meanwhile, Manny MUA couldn't say enough good things about the lip products' formula. So, there were plenty of reasons to shop this line-up, and if you weren’t quick enough to get them this time, it’s definitely worth a second try once the restock rolls around.

Keep an eye on Kylie Cosmetics' social media because this bundle should be online again soon!

These items were highly coveted.

And it really should come as no surprise that they sold out as quickly as they did. They are offering up everything for the perfect neutral pout.

Their crème formula offers comfort, coverage and a slightly glossy finish. It's unlike anything you've seen from the brand.

If you're still dying to get your hands on these lippies, make sure you're online the moment they become available to shop.

As you'll see in the review video, Hill didn't love how these seemed to wear off after only 45 minutes.

YouTuber Manny MUA didn't seem to have a problem with the formula other than the fact that it may not work for those with darker skin tones.

But, one thing YouTubers can agree on: these shades are gorgeous and look great once applied. If you agree, be ready to add this $45 set to your cart as soon as they hit the Kylie Cosmetics website once again.