Kristina Would Be A Great 'Bachelorette'

Craig Sjodin/abc

Nick Viall is not your typical Bachelor. After about a million failed attempts at finding love via The Bachelor franchise, he started out really invested in the whole process this season. But, lately, it seems like he is wavering on whether this experience is going to work for him after all. In the middle of his existential crisis, though, we can look ahead while he figures his own things out. After Nick's season comes a new search for love, and I think Kristina may actually be the next Bachelorette.

Think about it, she is a perfect candidate. She is likable, smart, funny, and, most importantly, she has one of the most amazing, heartwarming stories to ever come out of the franchise. In case you weren't following along, Kristina went on the coveted one-on-one date with Nick and their conversation really let fans see a side of Kristina that we wouldn't have ever known about of she didn't get a chance to share it. Her story begins in Russia where she was born into a life of hardship, even turning to eating lipstick to satiate her hunger. As a child she ended up in an orphanage before eventually being adopted by a loving American family when she was 12 years old. She left everything she knew behind and moved with them to the United States. Basically, she is a perfect personification of the American dream.

Not only is her story captivating, but so many fans related to it immediately. Her struggle with adoption and immigration is something that resonated deeply with so many viewers. Seeing her in the role of Bachelorette would be a triumph for anyone who connected with her story.

Kristina would be a great role model to have at the helm as well. She is a dental hygienist, which means she had a good education and went through pretty rigorous training. Besides her clear intelligence, Kristina is open about activism. She recently posted her support for the Women's March and it would be so important in this current political climate to have an outspoken feminist Bachelorette.

Kristina just seems lile the perfect fit for the role. If she becomes the next victim of Nick's elimination spree, she should get the chance to have a house full of men compete for the chance to get to know her better. Someone as inspirational Kristina doesn't come around often and ABC would be smart to snatch her up for the job.