Will 'Mary Kills People' Return For Season 2? The Series Has Passionate Fans

Christos Kalohoridis/Lifetime

Physician-assisted suicide: It's a subject that's particularly polarizing amongst people. The notion of a licensed physician administering euthanasia to a terminally ill person to allow them to die on their own terms is a concept that's controversial for real life let alone a TV show. But, Lifetime's series, Mary Kills People, wasn't afraid to tackle the topic. It follows Dr. Mary Harris (played brilliantly by Catherine Dhavernas from Hannibal) on her passionate quest to quietly provide this particular service (on the side and on the sly, due to the legal ramifications that her services could bring her) to those in need. The story has the potential to grab a lot of viewers, but it also could potentially alienate a lot of people as well. So, will Mary Kills People return for Season 2?

As of right now, there is no official word about whether the series will be renewed or cancelled. According to TVseriesfinale.com, Mary Kills People debuted to pretty mediocre ratings and has stayed pretty steady there since then. It is, however, a Canadian dark comedy, so there's a little confusion as to how much U.S. Nielsen ratings will come into consideration when it comes to deciding it's fate for Season 2. Reviews of the series are promising, though. Rotten Tomatoes has given it a 100 percent critic rating in the 92 percent audience approval rating. Obviously the people who are tuning in are enjoying this story.

Dhavernas is one of the main reasons to tune in to the show. It is clear that she has a tendency to pick intense, meaty roles for herself and she seems to have impeccable taste when it comes to the shows that she will choose to work on. Her previous work as Dr. Alana Bloom on the incredibly underrated Hannibal, was particularly memorable. She manages to bring the same intensity and charm to her role as Dr. Mary Harris. Considering the grim and controversial subject matter, it is important to have a leading lady of Dhavernas' caliber.

While we don't know for sure, a possible renewal for Season 2 of Mary Kills People could be on the way since the show does have a passionate following. It may be small, but these days networks don't always care about amount of viewers if the viewers it does have are passionate. Quality over quantity, you know?